Monday, June 13, 2011

Thar my friend Jen sews!

I mentioned my sewing friend Jen last week. I made her coasters for her birthday. Now you can see why I was sweating. Look at what she can do. She made my son Jack the sweetest baby quilt for his baptism/dedication/call-it-what-you-will yesterday. Prepare yourself for a butt-load of photos because I just love the blanket and the kid and yeah, I can't help myself.


So cute.

So sweet.


Love. Love. Love!

Is that not the cutest?

For the embroidery, Jen found a woman who does it out of her home quickly and frugally. Call those embroidery places and they want 10 days and $8 a line. Yikes! So glad she found something more thrifty. She modeled it after my son Luke's dedication blanket, and it is so similar. Except I just love the colors and the prints of this blanket so much more! I've used that bird fabric myself on a few items!

So thanks Jen! You made Jack's day that much more special. Now teach me how to do that blanket stitch by hand, mmkay?

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