Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy birthday! Have a drink on... your new coaster!

One of my best friends celebrated her birthday last week. She also sews. I knew I wanted to make her something, but aren't other people who sew just the toughest people to sew for? I knew on one hand that she'd appreciate the time and thought that went into it. But she'll also know if I totally goofed it up. Plus I kept thinking of things I wanted to make her, and then I'd think, no, she's probably already made that for herself. So what to make, what to make?

After looking through too many tutorials to count, I decided on something practical but pretty. A set of coasters from the Retro Mama tutorial. I picked a green and yellow palette that I thought was summery and fun. Something to put a cold beer on. Or a smoothie.

Cute and functional, Jen's favorite kind of item! I cranked them out in a couple of hours while my mom played with my kids. (Well, at one point I was playing with one, nursing the other and sewing at the same time. But mostly my mom watched them.) They were easy to make assembly line style. My only wish is that I'd remembered to bring my trusty chopstick to my Mom's. She didn't have anything really long and pointy to use to pop the corners out. I tried her meat thermometer and the results were just OK. I wouldn't point it out, but since they're for Jen, I figure she's already wondered. :)

Thanks, Mom! And Happy Birthday, Jen!


  1. These are really cute! I like your color choice.

    I wanted to pop over and say hi because I saw that you are also doing the embroidery class at Wild Olive. When your "introduce yourself" comment popped up - I recognized your blog name. I follow your blog, so I feel like I know you a bit - and creepy stalkerishness aside, I feel like I "know" someone taking the class :) We should keep in touch with our progress - I need someone to keep me accountable - ha!

  2. These are adorable! I must try them!

  3. I'm famous! I'm famous! People I can confirm these are as blogtasticly cute as they look in the photos. Thanks Krista!

  4. It really is tough to sew for others who can sew, but they probably aren't nearly as critical of our work as we think they are :)