I'm Krista. This is my blog about sewing. (Mostly.) Thanks for visiting me.

I'm mom to two boys, 3-year-old Luke and 1-year-old J.J. I work nearly full-time as a Web editor and features writer for the Detroit Free Press. My husband also works at the newspaper, as a sports editor.  When not working or wrangling kids, I try to find moments to sew and write here.

Unlike a lot of people who sew obsessively, I did not learn the craft growing up. In fact, my mother still reacts to each and every sewing project I make with distinct amazement that someone from her gene pool could ever be crafty. It wasn't until I had my first son when I was 28 that the urge to create things struck me. It hit hard.  In February 2010, I made one of my best Target impulse buys ever -- I bought a cheap-o Singer sewing machine. At that time, I didn't know a zig-zag stitch from a selvedge from a presser foot. But for months, I'd been reading all the pretty sewing blogs in the online craft community, and I'd walked the aisles of local indie craft fairs with jealously, wishing I could make the cute things being sold myself. So I jumped in. Everything I've learned about sewing has come from online sources, with a few tips from friends or books mixed in. I started off poorly, and I'm not so bad now. Still, my seam ripper is my very best friend, and I learn new things every time I flip my sewing machine button on.

This blog began in the late winter of 2011 while on maternity leave after my second son was born. Now back to work almost full-time, and with two toddlers running me crazy, I don't have the time to post as much as I did at the beginning. But I try to share my finished projects here, write occasional tutorials, (and more often link to great tutorials by others), review patterns, interview my favorite sewing bloggers and share the very deep and important thoughts that bubble up when I'm listening to my sewing machine stitch away.

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"Thar She Sews" is just a bad pirate/sewing pun. All the good sewing puns were taken. 

I'd love to hear from you. By comment or email (tharshesews@gmail.com) or sky-written message. But mostly the first two.

Thanks for visiting!