Thursday, September 15, 2011

There has been sewing!

I swear!

I finished a skirt inspired by something I found on Pinterest. (Follow me!)

Oh, and am putting the finishing touches on a present for a pregnant friend.

Very soon, I will have cute sewing projects to show off.

Just.... not yet. 

The thing about having a sewing blog is that first you must find time for the sewing, then you must find time to photograph your cute sewing project, then you must upload the photos and edit them, then put it all to words. Don't forget before you get started you might need to spend time drafting a pattern or finding an online tutorial or buying a store-bought pattern, as well as shop for fabric -- assuming it isn't coming from your fabric stash.

When I was on maternity leave, I could crank out a few projects a week. And find time to blog about them! I made the time for it because I love it. I love the sewing. I love blogging about it and connecting with others who share my passion. All of that is still true, but finding the time is much more difficult, even if I am only working part time. My three year old doesn't nap anymore, and that's been a huge factor. There is no 2-3 hour break built into my day anymore. So last week, when we had a family wedding, I found little time for anything extra. This week, I've found a little time for sewing, but no time for photography.

I'm a big believer that you must embrace the stage you're at in life. Right now, I'm in a stage where I can sew 1-2 times a week for any length of time, and completing one project a week is about all I can expect of myself. Blogging about it might or might not happen right away. I have to be OK with that or I will drive myself crazy.

The other part of this is that because I'm busier, I have less time to become inspired. That's a bummer. I find myself often thinking... what do I even want to make? I was not like that on my maternity leave.

So one thing I plan to do with my blog here is build a little inspiration well for myself. I will be pointing a little more often to inspiration sources. Tutorials I want to try. Fabric I covet. Finished projects that are to die. That sort of thing.

If you follow me on Pinterest, I'm sure it will be a bit of an overlap. But that's OK.

I want to keep my little home here thriving and active, so that's my plan to help me do so. I hope you'll stick with me!

And just to make this post prettier, because ever post needs a photo, my little guy started preschool this week. How that can be, I don't know.

But it be. Sniff!


  1. Definitely family and life in general comes first. We readers will still be here, as long as time permits us to be. I can't wait to see your inspiration and whatever projects you do get time to make. I am a new follower on pinterest!

  2. Oh, I definitely know the feeling! I only have one daughter and she is 2 so she still takes naps. I also work 32 hours a week so that makes for less time. And yes, there is the planning, shopping for fabric, finding the time to prewash it. Oh wait, I forgot interfacing....more shopping. That is exactly why I like the small projects because then I know I will finish them in about a week!

    I have set my goal to blog once a week. Sometimes that is easy, other times not so much. I am lucky that my husband edits all of the photos for me and takes "final" shots of the items that I sew. Good luck finding your new norm. :)

  3. I know what you're feeling. Working takes up a lot of that creative time (although I sit at a desk and still manage to snoop through sewing stuff here and there).

  4. Do what you can, Krista. It's hard to not be able to do the things you love to do. I haven't sewn anything in two weeks. I just haven't had the time. I have a list of things a mile long that I want to make, but... I know someday I'll have more free time, but that means the kids will be older, and for now, I just want to freeze them and keep them little.