Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Painting my front door.... yellow?

First off...

Say whaaaaaa? Seven months old? Meeeeee?!

Isn't that the cute?

I thought so. Had to share. I can't believe I got him holding his own sign AND looking my way.

OK, onto other things. I've been a busy little social bee for the last week. We had a huge event here in town called Arts, Beats and Eats. We had friends in from out of town. Family, too. I had a girl's night out with my dear friend who is deserting me following her dreams and moving to China. And we have a wedding coming on Friday night! My brother-in-law is getting hitched! All this is to say: in my sewing nook, the only noise you'll hear these days is crickets. And spiders. Do spiders make noise? Anyway, I have nothing to show you and that's a bummer!

But I do need your opinions. I've been thinking about painting my front door. It's white. I want to jazz it up. My first thought was orange. I pinned a bunch of orange doors, and I love them. The problem is, my house is about half orange brick. So there is a clashing issue, as well as a that's-just-too-much-orange issue.

So then I thought yellow? Maybe? Then I just told my husband to grab whatever paint chips inspired him the last time he was at Home Depot.

Take a look and tell me what you think.

I think it would need to be dark. Like, the bottom of any of those chips. And I'm leaning toward yellow. (Or blue, but my husband has vetoed blue.) Although if it wasn't for the brick, I'd truly still want orange. 

What do you like?


  1. I'm leaning towards one of the mid-greens (aren't you glad you asked? lol) The yellow would work though. I don't like the purple and dark red, unless you wish to redecorate again after halloween ;o)

  2. What a cutie! I am not a painted door girl (although ours is painted brown) but I like the yellow. If I were to go with yellow though, it definitely would be a pale, can't-even-tell-it-is-yellow yellow. LOL

  3. I agree with Katy on a mid-green or yellow. My preference is also green, but that's just me. I love our plated green window in our door here. If I had my druthers (sp?), we would take that door with us to any new home we might purchase. Instead, if we decide to do something like that, we'll be shelling out $$$$ for a vintage door. So, yeah, that won't be happening...

  4. i would pick the dark brownish red ! let us know what you finally do pick for your door !
    KAT Griffin
    (I found you through the "getting to know you " blog post on "Not Just A Housewife"'s blog