Friday, September 16, 2011

I made a circle skirt, I am sewing genius

So, I was at Joanns. (How many posts could begin that way? Many.) I ran in for one thing, but thought I'd just peak at the apparel fabric. Thanks to some recent blogging series about working with knits, I'd been thinking I wanted to give them a try. Also, I had this skirt pinned on my Pinterest board.

It came from the Ice Cream Social Skirt tutorial at the blog icandy handmade. Cute, isn't it? She made it based on the tutorial for the circle skirt at Made. Really, a circle skirt doesn't belong to anyone. It's as basic as it gets, as one of the contestants on Project Runway said last night. But in any case, I learned to make it from those two sources, and I plan to make many more. It's fast, it's cute, it makes you want to twirl. What more could you ask for?

So knowing this, I grabbed some striped purple kint fabric, a polyester, from Joanns. I thought it was $3 a yard but got confused by the signage. It was really $7 a yard. So I paid $14 and should have enough left over for some other sort of project (maybe a circle scarf?).

It's really something I think you could dress up or down.

I really like how comfy it is, and how easy it is to pair with flats and wear around the house or to the park. I tried to take a picture of me in my yellow flats wearing it....

  But this kept happening.

Oh, and here's how the waistband looks. I made mine four inches tall.  I also chose not to embellish the bottom, because I had no cute trim. And I'm lazy. Made this way, the whole shebang takes like 30 minutes. (Especially considering I totally forgot to wash my fabric first. Whoops).

Hopefully it doesn't shrink! Cause me likey.

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  1. so cute! Now I kind of wish it hadn't just turned into sweater weather around here. I really missed my summer skirt making opportunity...

  2. Tell me about it. I made this on a day when it was still like 75. And then BAM. Gone. Silly me! I wore it today only for these photos then the jeans had to come back on.

  3. CUTE!!! And you, my friend, are looking smokin' hot.

  4. Stop, girl, stop. Nth Degree is amazing!

  5. This looks awesome! I wondered if Dana's circle skirt tutorial would work out adult sized and it looks great!
    And so quick! I'll keep my fingers crossed that it doesn't shrink up on you.
    Kudos to you!

  6. Super cute skirt. I love the fabric you chose. Bummer it cost more but I guess you live and learn.

  7. SO CUTE! I love the red and white stripes and I LOVE the dark grey with it! Great job :)

    Would love for you to come by and link this up at my new diy fashion linky party! it's called diy diva thursdays and we celebrate all things fashion! the party is open until monday, so feel free to link up!


  8. Hello! Just started following you. Lovely blog! Love that skirt. I keep meaning to make myself something but I'm a bit scared. I'm practicing on my daughter first!! Louise x

  9. What a cute skirt. I like it so much. the stripes are super cute too. I'm off to see how you did it.

  10. I just read your "about me" page and I can't believe you have not been sewing very long! You have some darling things!!! Thanks for linking up yesterday :)