Saturday, September 3, 2011

A summer tradition I'll miss

Many of our Saturdays in the summer start like this. A walk downtown to the Farmer's Market.

We always stop to throw a few pennies in the fountain. 

Then it's onto the market. I love this building. It's big, airy, kind of dark, and always bustling.

And the variety of foods and plants you'll find inside is pretty impressive.  

There's also antiques and vintage do-dads.

I buy veggies, herbs, meats, cheese, bread, flowers and more at the market. I love going without a list, just buying whatever inspires me that week. Once this summer it was homemade gnocchi one week. Last week, we brought home a locally produced spicy chorizo that I used this week to make delicious egg and chorizo tacos. I also bought a pint of cherry tomatoes that were so sweet, they were like candy. I snacked on them all week and am now daydreaming about them, they were that flavorful. And we bought basil to make pesto. So tasty.

Sigh. I can't believe this is the last weekend of summer. Where did it go? I know the market stays open through some of the fall, but it's really a summer thing in my mind.

What summer things are you going to miss as the fall comes? And did you shop your local farmer's market this summer?


  1. LOVE the new header!!!!!

    I, too, shall miss the Farmer's Market. *sigh*

  2. I enjoyed strolling through the Royal Oak Farmer's Market via your photos. My parents were vendors there for over 30 years (flea market) so I can truly appreciate the charm that place holds! Thanks for sharing and make sure to go back in the fall. Angie