Saturday, July 30, 2011

Getting to inspired

Thanks for the kind comments on my last post. I'm still searching for some inspiration, and it is coming, slowly. I thought it might help to share some it with you. These are just projects I am eyeballing, letting them stew. I might actually get a few hours to myself to sew today -- hooray! -- so we will see if any of these have truly taken root.

 I have an idea for an owl pillow. Problem for me is I am terrible at drawing. So while I can picture said owl pillow, I don't think I could draw the owl from my vision. So I looked around for some other owl pillows that have similarly shaped owls. This one is close! Found via Pinterest, original here.

Isn't this travel bag so great? I have a half yard of this fabric. Thinking that wouldn't be enough. It's Jessica Jones fabric from the Outside Oslo line. I have two fat quarter bundles from the line. Did you know that when you order a fat quarter bundle and put "2" in the quantity field, that they don't cut you a half-yard bundle? Instead they send you two identical fat quarter bundles. Live and learn!

The bag is Jessica Jones' herself! She blogs at How About Orange, and her mother sewed this one for her from an Amy Butler pattern.

Another bag made by Jessica Jones, using her Outside Oslo fabric. I am on the hunt for ideas for this fabric, can you tell?

And a patchwork pillow made from the Outside Oslo fabric! I love these bright prints, but I have the blue-yellow-grey colorway. Still would be nice like this, right?

This pillow is sweet. And I bet my friend Kim might like it. She's moving to China soon. WAH! I also need one for me bed. NEED ONE.

We have a terrible habit of collecting huge mounds of mail and paper here. We are so bad at organizing, filing, shredding, etc. Maybe this cute little guy would help? Tutorial via noodle-head.

Speaking of Anna at Noodle-head.... I have been meaning to make the 241 Tote for months now. I have linen. I have some cute Joel Dewberry fabric -- not this print, but two awesome purple ones from the same collection. I also have some new Heather Ross fabric from the Far, Far Away collection that might make a nice 241 Tote. I just need to do this one already! This one found via Pinterest, original here.

I bought the book Sew Liberated and love this project, the camera bag. I found this version via flickr, from the blog Aves Handmade. She did a great job, huh?

That's it! A lot though, right? Thank God for Pinterest and all the amazing people who share their work via blogs and flickr. It certainly does help when inspiration is lacking.

Now.... where to start?


  1. great inspiration. and thanks for linking, you're too sweet. :)

  2. All great ideas. i loooooove all the outside oslo. Also want to make the 241. add it to the loooong list...

  3. Make the 241 tote. It is so much easier than you think it's going to be, and I LOVE mine. I carry it with me every single day. I love that patchwork pillow, too :)

  4. You have to get on Pinterest!!! These are all gorgeous, can't wait to see your recreations :)