Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Catching up on things

I have been severely lacking in sewing time and inspiration in the last two weeks. And so I've had little to blog about! I really want to do something about that, but I am stuck for several reasons. Let's unravel them, shall we?

First off, I know compared to some people, my fabric stash is miniscule. But right now, I own more fabric than I ever had before. For my birthday, I received four fat quarter bundles, some linen, and two bolts of IKEA fabric. It's a lot. What's more, a lot of it is "designer" fabric, and for some reason, that makes it tougher. Can't just use the designer fabric on any old thing, right? I just don't know what to make with all this fabric, where to start, how to just cut into it already.

And so I am thisclose to changing the name of the blog from "Thar She Sews!" to "Thar She Collects Way Too Much Fabric and Then Does Absolutely Nothing With It!"

Not as catchy, right?

Does this happen to you? How do you get unstuck?

Then there is the other stuff taking my time, the family schtuff. Like... this guy.

When he isn't adorably eating his own hand, he eats my time. Not that I mind. It's not his fault. I have been a wee bit nostalgic, finding myself just wanting to do nothing but sit, hold him and kiss him. My maternity leave  is coming to an end next week.I am just the tiniest bit distracted about the fact that it is over. Almost over, anyway. Wanting to suck up all the last few moments of carefree lady-of-leisure time with my kiddos.

Adding to the getting-ready-to-go-back-to-work distractions, I also have been reorganizing and rearranging a few rooms. I'll be working almost entirely from home when I go back Monday, which means I needed a place in this house free of toys and screaming toddlers yelling MAMA every three seconds. Our laptop desk had been in our basement, along with a bazillion toys, my sewing area, all our storage crap, the laundry room, and a TV hang-outy area. It was too much.

My first plan was to curtain off the sewing area and use part of it as an office. I even went to IKEA and bought curtains and various hanging devices. Then common sense sunk in and I realized perhaps spending nearly 20 hours a week working behind a curtain in my basement was just not going to make me happy. And would I really get anything done when my sewing stuff was right there, staring at me? I needed a new plan.

So one day last week, I sat in my bedroom -- the entire second floor of our bungalow is one room, our bedroom -- and tried to envision a way all the bedroom stuff could fit on one side of the space, leaving a working zone on the other side. Girls, I am a friggin genius. Or more like an idiot for not doing this five years ago. There SO is room for both "zones" up there! On Sunday, we moved every piece of furniture in the room and brought the desk up from downstairs. It's really lovely now. How I wish the Nate Berkus fairy could have dropped that bit of inspiration on me sooner!

With that done, today I started readjusting the basement, where the office was. I've been working on the sewing nook, too -- another reason for my lack of actual sewing. Wanna see my progress?

Yes, that's where the magic happens. I know it doesn't look like much, but hey, it's mine. I know it is hard to explain, since I have no good "before" picture, but this is truly progress.

This post is long and outta control, but I think I needed to get all this stuff off my mind. Hopefully it will make way for creative inspiration to slip in!

Please, tell me, when you lose your sewing mojo, or are just too scared to hack up some pretty fabric, what do you do? I would love your advice!


  1. That picture of Jack is so precious!!! I can't believe you are going back to work already. It seems like you were pregnant just yesterday (granted, I'm not the one taking care of a newborn). good luck on the transition!!

  2. Awww your little guy is adorable! Sorry to hear about your maternity leave coming to an end. I definitely don't miss work. I am SOOOOOOOO fortunate to be able to stay home, I know it.

    As far as sewing mojo... take a few days off. Browse magazines, your fav blogs, pinterest, and jot down some ideas, color combos, etc. You don't have to be sewing every day, and a big part of the process is being in a well-organized space. So definitely keep at that!

  3. I'm right there with you on hoarding the pretty fabrics. Wait, we're meant to actually USE it? Eeek!

  4. i totally understand what you're going through! and going back to work is tough. I work 3 days a week and sometimes I wonder why the heck I keep trying to do it all. and on the fabric thing, be fearless! really, just find a project you're really excited about and go for it. Don't try and save it for that 'perfect' project.