Sunday, July 31, 2011

And now, onto whatever's next

Work begins tomorrow. My six-month leave officially ends tonight. I'm hopeful that all goes well. I am also a bit sad... because these six months were the best of my life. So dear to me. I can't believe they are over.

Beyond the fantastic time I got to spend with my two little boys, these months allowed me the mental space and energy to enjoy my life in new ways. I strengthened friendships. I nurtured my creativity. Not to get all philosophical on you, but I realized in these months just how much both of those things need devoted attention to really grow. I always knew that, but it's different when you live something out. I gained so much in these short months, felt so much joy, and enjoyed all the blessings in my life so very much. It is hard to see it end.

This blog is not at all ending though. I've loved having this outlet, and it will continue for me even if my expectations for myself in terms of how often I can post might change. I'll do my best though! Not ready to give Thar She Sews up just yet. :) I have fun things planned, projects to sew, stuff to say. I'll be here. I hope you'll stick with me, too!


  1. Good luck this week, Krista! I'm sure it will take some getting used to, but everything will be fine. I for one am sticking around :)

  2. Look at him sitting up!

    Good luck tomorrow. Welcome back to working mom land. Hopefully, you can remain zen with your new office and if you are down town and want to get lunch sometime, I'm always here.

  3. Best of luck as you go back to work! I remember that bittersweet! You have so many great memories of your maternity leave!