Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gallery wall progress, update 2

I need to get this project done. It is loitering around in my mind, distracting me from pretty much everything else. I'm also having a party this weekend for Jack's dedication and I'd like to have it up on display for that. So the clock is ticking -- for both my sanity and my entertaining pride.

I'll break down what's what in just a second. But first I need your opinions, please!

Take a look at the three arrangements below and tell me: which one do you prefer?

Choice No. 1: big frame in the middle with stuff all around.

Choice 2: Big frame in the middle with all the smaller stuff to one side.

Choice No. 3: big frame on one side.

I am pretty torn. I want balance more than anything. What's your call? Please tell me in the comments!

For those curious, here's some details about what's going on the wall.

I got this frame at a garage sale for $5 and painted it white. I decided to buy that Detroit print. Really love it, but was surprised at how off-white the background is. I had no idea what to do for a mat to tie it together with the white frame. I popped into Michael's and JoAnn's and got one quote for an orange mat for $27. Wasn't thrilled about that. Then my aunt showed me a page from a magazine with a gallery wall that used linen instead of mats. Genius! And I had this blue and white linen in my stash. I purchased it from JoAnn's in the remnant bin for like $3. I love how it looks. Now I just have to get it cut and mounted.

I made this print that says "Be good to each other," which was the main message the pastor Harry Johnson kept repeating at our wedding. Yes, you read that right: the man who married us was named "Harry Johnson."

This is a picture I took of Luke at the cider mill, and there is another larger frame with a shot of Jack (which I forgot to photograph for the blog.) And the top frame holds a doily my great-grandmother crocheted on a piece of fabric background.

The four-frame piece holds two owl prints I love and two photos of my boys. And the oval one, for now, has this picture I bought from an artist on the streets in New York on our honeymoon.

I also need to find a frame for a photo-booth strip. Does such a thing exist? I think I need one more small item, and I'd love to find something that will work for that.

So, please, which arrangement do you like? And do you have any advice for using 3M mounting products? I used some Velcro-style 3M tape for many frames I hung around the house last November. Now that it is hot and muggy they're all falling off the walls. I don't know if I did it wrong or used the wrong product. There are so many! If you've had success, tell me, what 3M product works for you?


  1. It's a tough call, but I'm gonna go with #3 for the layout - also, I've used a lot of hanging products in the past, and really I've found the best option to be 'bulldog hooks' ... the ones where the nail goes through the hook at an angle. I gather you're probably trying to avoid hammering into the wall, but it really leaves just the tiniest pin-hole in the wall and is the most secure option I've found. :)

  2. I second the #3 layout! You're guilting me into finally get my butt in gear and working on my gallery wall....

  3. I like 3 also. As for your photo booth strip, I'd use a 4x6 frame with a mat behind it, such as a small piece of fabric that won't detract, but will bring out the photo. I've used felt for matting before as well, scrap book paper, and wrapping paper. Love it!

  4. Thanks, thanks, thanks for the opinions! I had a hunch No. 3 might be the best. Shoutout to my friend Jen for suggesting putting the biggest piece to one side!
    @Tara: thanks for the tip! We are trying to avoid nailing because we have plaster walls and it is really a pain. But maybe for the biggest one especially we should. Don't want that crashing to the ground!
    @MOAL: great idea, thanks!

  5. I'm going to buck the trend and go with option #1, it's more funky. Of course that may not be what you're going for lol

  6. I like choice 2 but I am a fan of balance..

  7. Ooh, tough decision! I think I like the #1 best because the biggest looks like it should be the centerpiece, but I like #3 also. I think it will look great no matter what. I love how each piece has a special story. :)

  8. I love the last choice. Going from small to bigger is a really nice and different approach. You will draw a lot more positive attention to it this way!!

  9. I like choice #1 I think that is has the most balance and I enjoy how all the pictures even each other out :)