Sunday, May 29, 2011

Gallery wall progress, update 1

I've mentioned a few times now that I'm working on a gallery wall for our dining room. I'm getting some progress done on that and thought I'd share!

First off, here is the dining room as it looks now.

 As you can see, I didn't even pick up to take these photos. Lazy, aren't I? And how sweet is my husband? There he is giving our son breakfast while I do this nonsense. And that beautiful arrangement of flowers? My anniversary present! We had our five-year anniversary on Friday, and he always gets me a bouquet in our wedding colors (pink and orange). Sweet, eh? He's a keeper.

Anyway, so here you see the two bare walls of my dining room. I am still not sure which wall should get the display. The first photo is the wall you can see from the adjoining family room, so my first thought was to put it there. It would get the most notice. Any opinions? The other wall is something you see from the kitchen door and the hallway.

Here's my collection of frames, all painted white. That large one came from a garage sale last weekend for $5. Niiiice. What do you think of this arrangement? Just trying stuff out! My husband thinks they are too close together, but I'm thinking that's how a gallery wall is supposed to be. Thoughts?

I'm not sure whether I want to add a few more frames or not. And then there is the biggest question of all: what is going in all of these frames? I honestly don't know. I've thought about just doing photos. I've thought about buying a bunch of art prints. I've thought about doing some DIY using fabric. Or a mix of all of the above. I'm melting in a pool of indecision here. But I am collecting inspiration -- prints I like, photos I might use. Want to see?

Here's a collage that includes a bunch of photos I've taken. I tried to single out pictures with a lot of blue or orange, since that's our family room/dining room color scheme. If I did all photos, I could select up to 10 of these. Or I could just pick a couple.

I think I am more likely to do prints or a mix than all photos, though. I've been scouring etsy and for prints I love. Here's what I've "pinned" via Pinterest so far.

Owl No. 1 from

Chili dog with everything via

Metro Detroit Map via

Teapots A4 print via

Coffee Time Mixed Media canvas on

Ideal bookshelf from

In the Library on

Typewriter print from Z Gallerie
OK, I love them all. And they all have something meaningful to me, which is the best part. Things we love, places we love, things we love to do. I'd love them all, but that would add up to some big bucks. So I'd need to pick and choose my favorites. So dang hard!

For the oval frame, I'm thinking a DIY silhouette is in order. I wonder if I could squeeze both boys' heads into one frame? And for the largest frame, if I decide not to go with a purchased print, I think doing something DIY could be a good money-saving option. But what?

I'd love your feedback! What makes for a good gallery wall in your opinion? I'm hoping to have mine done in the next couple of weeks. We're hosting a family party on June 12. That means I need to make decisions now if I'm going to order anything. So please, help me get off of indecision island!


  1. I like the idea of a mix of art prints, photos, and DIY fabric stuff. I think it would give it a more funky/fun look. Just my two cents :)

  2. Meghan, thanks for your two cents! I think you're right. Mix is good. I might even need more frames for a bigger mix is what I'm thinking.

  3. LOVE the owl print, and the Detroit print... and I definately think the closer together the better! I did something similar and I am kicking myself that they are a bit too far apart- kinda looks slapped together... but then again, I didn't lay them out on the floor like you! grrr. :) -Erin