Friday, June 24, 2011

And now, thrifty finds!

I think I'll be posting twice today. Once about something crafty, and once about something thrifty. First, we start with the thrift! Just a few things I've scored in the last few weeks.

Two men's button down shirts for $1 each. I'm hoping to refashion them into something else through the Button Down Rehab series over on My Own Road.

This skit was also $1. So I don't know if you shop Salvation Army, but each week there is a certain color tag on sale. And if you can find five of that color tag, they go down to $1 each. I cannot resist this. $1 each? It's a deal. So I hunt and hunt. And hunt. This particular trip was on a Saturday, the last day for that particular color of tags, and everything was so picked over. But I found this skirt and thought with a little help, perhaps it could be cute. I like the color and the print. Maybe all it needs is a short hem. Or maybe it will be turned into something else entirely.

I love these blue vases. Can you tell that one is just slightly a fainter color of blue? Oh well. I bought one for $4 and then went back the next day to get the pair because I kept thinking about it. $8 total, which is a little much. But they came from the new Salvation Army in town. It's called "Sally's on 4th," and it is a Salvation Army dressed up like a boutique. With higher prices. I'm not a huge fan.

This pretty pink glass bottle was $2. I found it at an estate sale. One day while in Grosse Pointe, where my husband is from, I passed an estate sale on Lakeshore. For those not from Michigan, Lake Shore is like the premier address in the area. The houses are all mansions and sit right on Lake St. Clair. Mostly, I stopped just because I wanted to go inside one! And it was beautiful. They had an old sewing machine for $50. I had no idea if that was a deal or not. But for $2, how could I pass on this pretty glass? You don't see pink glass like this every day.

From the same sale, I also grabbed this linen tea towel. I love the vintage look. What should it become? The centerpiece of an apron maybe? Part of a table runner? What would you do with it?

Oh, and if you've been out thrifting, tell me in the comments what you've found lately! I love thrifting vicariously through others, too.


  1. I've given you A Lovely Blog Award. You can check it out here:

  2. I am all for more button down shirt refashions ;) I tried making something for myself with a button down and discovered why I need to stick with kid's clothes, big fail. I love your blue vases and that tea towel is amazing. Apron was the first thing that came to mind, I would hate to cut it up at all. Great finds!