Thursday, June 23, 2011

Playing, our version

The blog Gussy Sews has this new "inspiration workshop" and I'm participating for the first time. Basically, each Friday, you get a prompt in your email. You're supposed to take the prompt and find some photographic inspiration that fits it, then post about it and link up. The idea: a bunch of bloggers do this and we all get dizzy with inspiration from reading one another's interpretations of the prompt. Seems like a fun time to me!

This week, the prompt was "Spend the Day Playing." Since it was Father's Day last weekend, I decided to capture some playing images from our annual Father's Day picnic. It's held with my husband's family and some of their family friends, rain or shine, at the beautiful Grosse Pointe Pier Park. The park sits right on Lake St. Clair, and it's huge, with a pool, tennis courts, playground, marina, volleyball court, pavilion, basketball courts, and tons of room to spread out. It's a great time, always relaxing, and this year, the weather was picture perfect. I was so into picnicing and enjoying myself that honestly I didn't take many photos. But here's the best of the bunch! Click on over to Gussy's link party for more "Playing" fun.

Taking a Father's Day wagon ride with Dada.

Playing Don't-step-over-that-line. Or something like that.

This party-animal slept in his car seat for three hours. Fresh air!

Always a fantastic food spread.

Luke spent a lot of time wandering away from our picnic. Here he is 50 yards away, hanging with who knows who. At one point, he even wandered to someone else's picnic table and sat down. He is so social, it's crazy. I wonder where he gets that from?

Baby cake finally woke up! 

Ready to play with Grandma.

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