Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lovely? Me? Why thanks!

Life of the Cocktail gave me a "One Lovely Blog" award. Ain't that just the sweetest? Indeed. Thanks!

What that means is that I now get to wax on and on about myself and tell you how amazing I am, specifically seven amazing things about myself that you don't know. Are you lucky or what? I mean, I hate talking about myself, just hate it, but if you're going to pull my arm and give me an award, fine, enough already, I'll do it!

1. I once rode the world's fastest racing cow and wrote a newspaper article about it. It raced around a dirt track on a farm near Lansing, Michigan.

2. This feels very name-droppy annoying, but here goes. I interviewed Beyonce once in her dressing room. Actually it was the three girls from... what the hell was her girl's group called? You know, they sang Say My Name, and Bills, Bills, Bills. The... I am drawing a total blank and don't want to Google save myself. It's driving me crazy! Not TLC. Not the Spice Girls. The.... UG. Sorry to put you through this. Whoever they were, they came to MSU when I was a junior, and I got the only backstage pass to interview them. I had never heard of them before that day. And Beyonce was so beautiful in person, that I was literally awestruck my her beauty, and gushed to her, "You're so beautiful!" Embarrassing! I can't remember a single question I asked her.

3. I once left a rental car unlocked and RUNNING, with the car in park for about four hours in downtown Atlanta. And no one stole it.

4. I am the world's messiest cook. Every time I bake, I swear, there is not a surface in my kitchen that doesn't get covered in flour. It's a real talent to be so messy.

5. I've done a few triathlons and would love to do more. They take so much time for training, though. I will probably do one again some time, but for now, I'm happy spending my free time laying low with my family or, of course, sewing.

6. I've flown on a private airplane and attended a private event in the Rose Garden at the White House. During the W. presidency, unfortunately.


7. People are always surprised to learn this about me, but I was a big nerdy nerd growing up, and was picked on quite a bit in elementary and middle school. It wasn't until I got contacts in high school that things changed for me. I always had friends, though, and looking back, I wish I could have just had more confidence and let the rude people not impact me so much. It's sad! What a shame!

And OK. I had to Google., DESTINY'S CHILD. DUH.

Now 15 of you get the award! Some are real life friends, others are followers or commenters I'd love to get to know better. Here's my list!


  1. Aww how sweet! Thank you for the award! I will have to think up some interesting things about my life. Can I live vicariously through you? You have definitely done some amazing things!! :)

  2. You're welcome, Kelly! And seriously, my life is normally not that exciting, I promise.

  3. Thanks Krista! I will be sure to pass this on to 15 more fun blogs!

  4. Hey Krista- where can I grab that button?

  5. It's just an image actually. I couldn't find a button, so I just right-clicked and saved the image and then pasted it in. You're welcome!

  6. Krista, thank you so much. I can't tell you how this made my day!

  7. I wrote up my 7 fun facts. I'll be posting after BDR is over ;)

  8. Thanks so much for the blog award! How thoughtful you are! Now to figure out 7 interesting somethings about myself... Thanks again!

  9. wow thank you!! hmm.. interesting things.. i've got some creative thinking to do this weekend... :)