Monday, May 2, 2011

Fabric haul!

Did I spend a few hours of my time in Dallas shopping for fabric? Why yes, yes I did.

Last week, I asked whether anyone knew a thing about CityCraft. No one responded, which I expected. What were the chances? Also, it was kind of an obvious answer, right? It's a freaking awesome fabric store. Sure, it was worth the drive!

I spent $44. Not bad, right? I could have gone broke in there.

I wish I'd had a list of projects with me. The owner, Callie, who was very nice and helpful, asked whether I had a project I was working on. Um, no. That would have made things easier, eh? Of course, I had the sewing bucket list in my head, as well as a few other items (a sun hat for Luke, since he asked for one after I made Jack's). But no particular "thing" I was shopping for. I simply wanted to ogle and buy whatever inspired me.

It started with this purple fabric on the left. I'd spied this Joel Dewberry fabric online last week while commenting on another blog, and it was stuck in my mind. So I bought it, as well as the coordinating fabric, with no real purpose for it. A skirt? A shirt? Mother's Day gifts? Help! As someone who does not typically buy "fancy" fabric, it is mighty difficult to decide what to do with it when you've actually got it.

I thought these Robert Kautman prints were adorable, especially for reusable snack bags, or more "Everything" place mats, or perhaps mug rugs. Coasters? That, too. The blender is a fat quarter, the other two are quarter yards.

And these prints -- the plaid is another Joel Dewberry. Pretty sure it is going to be Luke's sun hat and another pair of baby shoes for Jack. With the elephant print as the accent. Isn't that adorable? It was a fat quarter, too, and I have no idea what "brand" it is. It matches so perfectly, maybe another by Dewberry?

Last one! Just thought it was pretty. The green was a fat quarter. I never have coordinating solids.

Shopping for fabric in an adorable boutique? Made. Me. Giddy. If I didn't know it before, I know it now -- I am so happily addicted to this new hobby of mine. I'm wishing now that I'm home that I would have spent more money. I have non-buyer's remorse. Is that a thing?

So which is your favorite? What should I cut up first?


  1. omg. don't you just love fabric shopping?! i could spend DAYS in our little local quilting shop!

    i say you start with that beautiful blue and yellow. the elephants are too cute to sit untouched ;)

    seen you followed me on twitter and checked you out from there. now following your blog and tweets

    kristanlynn @ adelynSTONE

  2. I love the fabric choices! The plum Aviary is my favorite.

    Just so you know, the elephants are part of Cloud 9's Happy Nursery line. (I have that print too :) ) They have great fabric and they're organic!

  3. great fabrics! And there's so many options of what to make, where to start.....the plaid with elephant print is super cute baby stuff just waiting to happen!

  4. Beautiful! I LOVE fabric shopping : )

  5. Oh, I am groaning with fabric envy! And this early in the morning, too, shame shame, lol!
    I am going to look for that lovely bird fabric, but I bet no one in the UK will have it in stock - the really awesome stuff goes so quickly!
    Thanks for linking up!!

  6. Wow! Lovely fabrics! My favs are the ones with kitchen equipment :)