Tuesday, May 3, 2011

End of the sun hat saga

Thanks so much for those who read my post last week about my sun hat issues and tried to help. (And to my mother, who found my tale of sun hat woe inexplicably hilarious and then told everyone on Facebook how "hilarious" I am.) Especially to Kathy from Merriment Design, which is where I found my tutorial. Your advice did help, and thanks to you, I finished the hat up in time to take it to Texas. And somehow, this slumped-over photo is the only one I came back with! The hat really did fit better than this.

 All I did was take each of the seams on the lining crown piece in a bit. And then a bit more. And then a bit more. I was astounded at how far in they needed to go. Maybe when you added it all up it was a half-inch on each side of each seam? How is that possible?! I don't know, but it appeared to be.

The blind stitching went OK for my first time. I needed to pass back over one area three times because I kept missing. Is there a trick to blind stitching? Using one thousand pins maybe? I am a chronic under-pinner.

In the end, the hat looks somewhat sloppy but still kind of cute. And it's functional. Those who saw it in Texas appeared impressed. I never know what to say when someone is impressed with a sewing project that I know to be very flawed. Part of me wants to go, Oh yeah, you think this is cute? Well, come here and take a gander at this botched seam/unplanned pleat/weird rumply part!! Whatta ya think about it NOW?!

I guess I need to work on taking a compliment, eh?

Anyway, I'll be giving this tute another try, perhaps, for Luke's hat (with my new Joel Dewberry fabric, swoon!). Although I'd need to size it up -- and see sad sun hat No. 1 if you want to see what happens when I start playing with the proportions of a pattern. So maybe not.

Edit to add: Forgot I had one other photo on my phone. Thought I'd share it... cause it's cute, right?

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