Thursday, April 28, 2011

CityCraft worth the drive?

As I mentioned, I'm off today for Dallas for two nights to celebrate the wedding of one of my husband's dearest old friends. We're going to be very busy with wedding-related activities (my husband is a groomsman), but I do think I might have a little free time on Friday, the day of the wedding.

Here's my question: would you use your few hours of free time in another city to drive 60-miles round trip to a fabulous fabric store?

I'm considering it.

I've heard about CityCraft in Dallas. It's 30 miles or so from where we are staying. Should I go? Would you? If you've ever been, please me tell, is it worth it? And if so, why? I am familiar with some of the brand named fabrics, and yes, they sure do seem pretty. But it's not like I must sew with them, and I wouldn't know exactly what I was shopping for. So, if I go, what should I look for? What fabric is there that I probably can't find readily available many places in Michigan?

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