Friday, April 22, 2011

Things I dig Friday: Easter egg decorating

As part of our family-fun Thursday this week, we decorated our Easter eggs. 

Nothing too fancy. Just good old vinegar, hard-boiled eggs, and food coloring.

Well, I did take a crayon to a few eggs while they were still toasty. The warmth melts the wax, which slides around the egg to make a pretty subtle effect.  See? In the middle there?

We then plopped them in a basket with homemade "grass" -- the shredder fillings! So don't look too closely in there, or you might see my personal business. I love the way the shredded paper looks. I don't know if this counts as upcycling or recycling. Either way, no annoying plastic fake grass to be found around the house for weeks? Bonus!

If you'd rather get fancy with your eggs, I save a few links this week for you to check out. Feast your eyes on these speggtacular egg-decorating tutorials. (Ha! Get it? Get it??) 

 From the blog, Missy Polyclay comes a tutorial for making these sweet, yarn-wrapped eggs. I love the striped look.

The tutorial that inspired me to try the crayon technique came from Family Fun Magazine's Web site.

 I've seen several tutorials for this technique and it is beyond cool. I am so doing this one next year. Using silk ties to dye awesome prints onto your eggs. Super neat. From the blog AnalogLovesDigital.

Adorableness alert! Adorableness alert! These are so cute. I will eat them now. OK, so they're form a blog called Yesterday on Tuesday. She painted the eggs, applied glitter, created the fabric words and then Mod Podged them together. A lot of work but how cute?!

Please Google "chalkboard eggs." Buy some chalkboard paint. Boil some eggs. And lookie. How cute and fun. These ones come from the blog Cynthia Shaffer.

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  1. OK I love this egg-cellent post! Thanks for all the beautiful eye candy... Happy Easter and I'm off to follow you ( -:


  2. Thanks for visiting, Malia! And of course, thanks for the inspiring egg tutorial. I need to get some fabric paint very soon.

  3. You've got some Easter eye candy there...

    Thanks for linking to Creative Juice Thursday...Hope to see more of your ideas this week!

    p.s. your voice is hilarious. and I love detroit. b/c the HBO show Hung is set there.