Thursday, April 21, 2011

My sewing bucket list

Photo by pf_vanf via Flickr

Lately, I swear, I cannot go 10 minutes without thinking of some sewing project I'd like to try. Images of skirts, bags, embroidery hoops, pillows and kids clothes are dancing in my head. Picture my head cut open with little articles of hand-made wonderfulness skittering about in glee. That's my brain lately. My brain on sewing.

Perhaps I'm reading too many crafting blogs, eh? It's a problem! My brain is just running, running, running all the time. Running with inspiration and motivation to make cute things, sure. But a girl needs to relax. And so, my sewing bucket list begins.

I figure if I write these want-to-try-it urges down, I can stop thinking about them constantly. Make way in my brain to notice other things, like how adorable my kids are. (Proof!) Or say, that they need a diaper change -- and probably have for at least an hour.

I'm posting this now and will be turning it into its own page soon. Then I can have it handy, add to it, cross things off, etc. Also, so often I get distracted by the newest thing. Oh, look, shiny! And then instead of making something I've been itching to try for weeks, I'm cutting up fabric for God knows what I just saw on crafty blog

Is anyone else afflicted with this issue? Sewing ADD?

OK, so on with the list. Here is what I can come up with now. New items will be added with dates, so I can try to tackle projects before they've sat on the list -- and in my brain -- too long.

For Jack's room
Birdie pillow
Crib skirt
Bird mobile from Spool Sewing
Baby shoes
Applique shirt for 1st birthday

For Luke
Backpack from Made by Rae
Applique shirt for his 3rd birthday

For both boys
Owl pillows
Reuseable snack bags
Matching PJ pants

For me
Skirts. Skirts. And more skirts. 
Upcycled cardigans
Upcycled tees

For the house
Curtains for the bedroom closets
Pillows for the bed
Pillows for the bench
Some kind of jewelry organizer/keeper
Cute embroidery hoop art
Some day way way in the future -- a quilt

Non-sewing crafts
Gallery photo wall

That's it for now! What do you think? How does it compare to your own sewing bucket list?

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  1. My sewing bucket list consists of hemming my pants!

    I think you have time for the 1st birthday applique ;)

  2. Haha. I should include sewing my husband's button on his pants. He has been asking me to do that for months... but that is so not what I feel like doing when I have time to sew!