Friday, April 22, 2011

31 Flavors of Love

My husband turns 31-years-old today. 

This goofball is 31?

Just a few of my favorite photos of us.

I am feeling a bit nostaglic about him turning 31. We've know each other since we were 19. Had our first kiss at 20. Became a true couple at 21. Graduated from school at 22. Engaged at 25. Married at 26. Bought our first home later that year. Our first son was born when we were 28. Our second when we were both 30.

Everything that has mattered to me in my adult life has included him. I can barely remember life without him.

I cannot imagine my life without now him. When we met, we were just kids. Now we're a family with two kids of our own. I'm not sure how this happened. But I am so happy it did.

I love you, honey!

Happy birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday! Great pictures. I thought you two were playing broom ball in the last pic, until I saw the curling stones. I was almost impressed ;)

  2. great pictures! hope you have a great weekend!