Monday, April 16, 2012


Vacation was.... sigh.




I loved seeing my kids tiptoe through the sand, unsteady.


Or plow right into the waves, unafraid.

Loved seeing them discover new things, Like lizards.

 And dolphins

Loved discovering a few things of my own.

Loved time away. To sit and look at the ocean.

To lay around.  And do nada.

Loved getting to "sleep in...." and still catch a beautiful sunrise.

Of course, I loved eating way too much food. Especially of the fried (or beer) variety. So many delicious food choices to ponder!

And there were also very large pirates to pose with. That's important vacation work right there.


And I really loved spending time with family and friends we don't see all the time.

Vacation was great. We even survived two three-hour plane rides with two toddlers. AND we found a giant moustache! Check and check.

I've been back for a bit now. I just caught up on life this weekend. Mostly. (Do you ever really catch up on life once you're got kids sucking up all your time? Nah.) I did start a sewing project over the weekend and it's two straps away from being done. I'll be sharing it shortly. It felt comforting to be snipping threads and muttering curse words in my sewing nook once again.

Vacation's nice. But home is nice, too.

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  1. Well obviously no holiday would be complete without finding a giant moustache... had to admit when I first saw the pirate pic I had to go hunting for the kids (can't view full screen at work ;o) )