Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spring bag! The Tulip Tote from Sew Serendipity

So, you likey?

I wanted a "spring" bag, something bright and light-weight and just a tad sweet.

I've been hoarding this Joel Dewberry fabric for a year, since my trek to City Craft fabrics in Dallas. There's really no need for that! But I just never knew quite what I wanted to do with it. Then the urge for the new bag hit, and I thought, why not? I'd love to see this fabric on a near daily basis. I flipped through my books looking for the right pattern, and I really wanted to try something from Sew Serendipity, which I got for Christmas. And so, here she is: my Tulip Tote in Joel Dewberry Avairy 2.

Using grommets was only a little bit scary and I love the finished look. I have contemplated a quick tutorial for using them. They're really easy, but it's nice to see someone walk you through it, too. 

Never hurts to "put a bird on it."

I went with only one big pocket inside. I love how there is an owl hidden in this fabric. It's a busy combo inside, I realize. But I still think it plays well together. 

A magnetic closure snaps it shut. 
Me with my new bag -- and my new hairdo! Have never had bangs this heavy. Gotta say, I love them.

Happy weekend!

P.S.: See another finished version of the Tulip Tote here.


  1. I love that Joel Dewberry fabric! I only ever seem to see it on sale when I can't afford it, and then forget when I do have cash - doh! Anyway, the bag looks fab, love the big grommets

  2. It's so pretty, isn't it? I had a great time staring at it for a full year in my stash. But I'm glad I finally cut it up and made something! Thanks, girl.

  3. Congratulations on achieving the 'springy' look on the bag. The colors and prints are undeniably for the spring season. I think that the big grommets for the shoulder straps are very fashionable and it matched the feel of the fabric. Safe colors are not for spring, so I think that the bright appearance of the bag will sure add life to your toned down outfit for the season.

    Isidora Designs