Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cherry pie birthday cake

Today's my hub's birthday. He's been joking for as long as I've known him -- about 13 years now -- that he thought he'd die when he was 31. It's an unnerving joke, but that's him. It started to bother me a little bit in recent years. What if he was right and somehow knew he'd never make it to 32? It's a ridiculous assumption, but he was so steadfast about it that I couldn't help but get freaked out when he'd bring it up. Luckily, today I can say what was always the case -- that was a load of BS! Today my babe turns 32.

We're planning to celebrate later today with family, pizza and cake. Or rather, cakes, as in, I'm going to make individual chocolate lava cakes later today. We also might go to a local soul food restaurant for lunch, so it's going to be quite the day on the old digestive system.

I thought I'd take the chance to share the cake I made last year. My hubs isn't that big on regular old birthday cake, hence the lava cake plans. What he really loves in cherry pie. I've bought him cherry pies on previous birthdays, but last year I got all creative and made him this.

Why yes, that's a cherry pie cake!

Probably never shared it last year because my photos are a little blurry. Bad lighting will do that! But looking back, I have decided it's blog worthy. Because wow does that ever look like a pie! It's a regular cake mix made in a round pan, topped with a jar of super delicious Michigan-made cherry pie filling and then covered with a fake lattice pie crust top made with slightly-brown tinted frosting.

Around here, adults don't get to blow the candles out on their own anymore. But I think that's OK.

Happy birthday, baby! I love you!


  1. Glad he made it through for you! Last year's 'cake' looks yummy!

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