Friday, March 9, 2012

An unenviable task -- a photo story

When you're 3, it might sound like a lot of fun to take a box of Ziploc baggies and throw them all over the kitchen floor, creating a pool of slick plastic fun.

That is, it's fun until your meanie mama says you have to pick up the hundred of so slippery suckers and put them away.

Then, you've got a serious job to do.

Let's see how that unfolds.

Success! Except for that lone remnant on the floor. And the spillage coming out of the drawer. Which you know is going to burst forth with Ziplocs the second you open it.

Still. A for effort.


  1. funny kid. his other sock must be in the drawer too :)

  2. Jen, he is often wearing one shoe because he'll get a single drop of water on one and declare it "too wet."

    thanks, Mel!

  3. And by "shoe," of course, I mean "sock."