Sunday, March 4, 2012

My "before" bedroom tour

I mentioned last week that we're embarking on a bedroom redecoration project. You can't head down that path without a round-up of "before" pictures. So here we go. Let's take a look.

Won't you come on up? These stairs are part of our bedroom, which comprises the entire second floor of our home. We're Bungalowers.

The carpet is light, which I like. But that's the only thing I like about it. The walls are such a weird non-color I don't know what they are. Sometimes they look absolutely neutral. Othertimes, blue. Still others, violet. What do you think they are?

Once you come up the stairs, you're on this end of the long room. The room right now is split into two areas -- the bedroom and an office area, which I used when I was working at home. I'm no longer working at home, so honestly, this area is not getting much use at all. I've thought about making it my sewing nook, but worry that my fabric and projects will overtake the bedroom and ruin any trace of "restful" vibe we have going on (which isn't much, it's usually a mess).

Here's the bedroom side. The dark furniture was picked for this room, because we thought it would go well with the dark wood trim. Even the ceiling fan is dark wood. I've thought about replacing it with an awesome pendant, but it does get scorching hot up here in the summer, and we do use it.  The duvet cover is silver, if you can't tell. I don't hate it, but I don't love it. I do hate those black pillows. And what I really love is totally missing: color and pattern. There's just really nothing about this that's "me." Again, I don't hate it. I do think all the neutral is sort of soothing. But nothing about this inspires me.

Between the two spaces there is this bench-cubby thing. We don't really use this for sitting, but I do have sweaters shoved inside the bench. That chipped paint has been like that for years. I do like how the cubby is painting a bold color, and I'm thinking I'll most likely do the same with whatever paint palette we pick.

Here's the view from the bedroom area into the other side of the room. That wicker chair is just there filling the roll of  "comfy" chair. I envision an actual comfy chair there, an upholstered one in a great pattern maybe?

Can you see a sewing nook here? Keep in mind that right now, it's in my basement, which has its pros and cons. Pros = it's an area we spend a lot of time as a family, so I can sometimes sew without totally ignoring everyone. Cons = it's a basement and very cramped and of course there is almost no natural light.

Our closets are doorless. We use curtains to hide the mess inside. (Well, I did until my tension rod broke at least a year ago. Why I haven't bought a new one? I can't tell you). This is where I really want to have an awesome, colorful textile on display. With neutral walls, and perhaps one or two accents pulled from the fabric and used in accent walls in the room, I think the fabric could really make the room. Now... what fabric? That's gotta be the first decision, and I need to make it soon!

Thanks for visiting my room. Please close the door behind you, I'm going to go right ahead and take a nap now.  Bye! 

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  1. Fun tour! Whilst it would be fun to have the sewing nook up there, would you use it if it was so far from everyone else? I've tried a couple of different options, for other work areas, but I always gravitated back to the living room, and then got frustrated that all my supplies were in another room that I had to trek back and forth to :o/ That end of the room could make a fabulous comfy area though, with loads of fun colours, just to inspire you :o)