Friday, December 9, 2011

Random bits of sewing updates

Made this gift set for a friend who had a baby three weeks ago! I did the ornament for Sew Woodsy's Christmas ornament event, but wanted to use up more of this pretty Erin McMorris fabric on baby Sophia. So I made an over-sized burp cloth and bib, a taggy wash cloth and a little pacifier pouch. Fun, easy sewing that was completed in one morning/afternoon. I just kept going and going. I know there are a million people selling their handmade goods out there, but there is a piece of me that wants to sell these sets. I hold myself back though out of I don't know what. Fear of failure? Lack of focus? Desire to only sew for myself and not turn my hobby into an obligation? Maybe a little of all of it. We'll see what 2012 holds in store.

Also, the green and white striped fabric is my latest vintage sheet find! I already have a plan for this one, too.

I snagged this McCall's pattern at 40% off at Jo-Anns yesterday. My mother-in-law wants a holiday apron for Christmas, and I really want her to love it so I thought it might be smart to go with a pattern. I'm planning to make view D, the one with the contrast top (yellow in the photo). I'm already anxious after reading through the instructions. They're a bit mystifying. But I already had my first question answered promptly when I took it to Twitter. Don't you love social media for this purpose? I asked how to do a narrow hem and within minutes, two different people were walking me through it. The internet rules!

Last night my sewing output was disappointing. The reason? Like an idiot, I ironed directly on a piece of fusible web. I had never used this kind of web before. I was thinking of it like interfacing. So when I placed it on the fabric, all I need to do to make it stick was press it down with my fingers. But I ran my iron over it. The result was a huge mess. I had to wait for the iron to cool and then pick little nubs of fried web off it. Then I broke out the Motsenbockers. Have you heard of it? It worked like a charm!

My progress on my Oliver + S Little Things to Sew Puppet Theatre wasn't as much as I wanted because of the iron debacle. I wanted to have the windows all done. But here's a progress picture anyway. Coming along! This is a Christmas present from both boys. I hope they love it.


Finally, aren't these pillows cute? Made of felt. Ripe for a knock-off, wouldn't you say?

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Cute baby makes, although I'm sorry the iron debacle stopped play a bit! The theatre is looking interesting, can't wait to see it finished :o)