Friday, December 2, 2011

Handmade, quilted Christmas stockings.

Last year, this was a big, milestone project for me. The very first thing I quilted. Our Christmas stockings! So even though the project is a year old, I want to share it here.

I know, I know. Where's the green and red, right? Well, I fell in love with the cheeky blue print and bought it online. I had just redecorated the living room/dining room with a blue and orange color palette. I didn't think red and green would go with it, so I searched for holiday prints that used blue. Then I matched the flowery print with it, simple because I like it and it coordinates. My husband thinks it looks like how they'd do Christmas in Hawaii. I can live with that. 

We don't have a holder for the cat's stocking, so Luke volunteered. I think I'll leave him there all month, ha.

The inspiration for these came from Prudent Baby. 

I saw this tutorial and became instantly obsessed. Does this happen to you? I HAD to make them. (In my defense, I was about seven-months pregnant and totally in that nesting phase.) I stayed boarded up one Saturday or Sunday and sewed the entire day away. It was worth it. I love these. I felt so proud that I had quilted something.

It was sweet having J.J's up last year, even though he was just on the way. So hard to believe how time has flown by. Look at my little guy now.

He turned 10 months old this week. 


So we're doing a lot of this these days. Getting into everything. Especially things we shouldn't get into.

He's been going up and down the stairs now for more than a month. He's pretty adept now. But definitely keeping me on my toes.

I'm feeling blessed right now. Feeling thankful. It's nice to have four big stockings to fill.

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Smart wee guy getting past those cupboard locks ;o) Cute stockings though, and that looks like the perfect cat stocking holder to me :oD

  2. Your little guys is so cute! So are those stockings. I really need to get moving on making my sweet Elsie one, she didn't even get one when she was one the way :)