Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Christmas sewing wish list

Did you have a nice holiday?

I did! Family time, some friend time, a little decorating and lots of eating.

Not much sewing, I'm sad to report. I have a super long list of items to make for Christmas, and I think the amount of work ahead of me is mentally holding me back. Where to start... where to start.


Maybe with making my own Christmas sewing wish list?

Yes, why not?

I'd love to get a few new sewing books. Last year, I received the Martha Stewart Sewing and Craft Encyclopedia. It was awesome. And it was mine... for like two days. I somehow lost it, in my own home, immediately after Christmas. So sad! I've searched high and low, and nothing. I can't find it. So maybe one of these could take its place this year?

Dana from Made wrote a book all about fabric. It'd be a nice resource for a sewing library.

As would the Burda Style Sewing Handbook. I haven't made many articles of clothing for myself yet, but I want to learn how to do more. 

Speaking of clothing.... I'd love to try a few patterns, but hate paying for them. (I'm cheap.) I like the Anna Tunic from Amy Butler. 

And I still love the Collette Macaron dress pattern. Still afraid of it, too!

Of course, for all these projects, I'll need new fabric. I'd love the full Echo collection. Who wouldn't, right?

And I love so many of the prints in the Amy Butler Lark collection, too.

I really need some basic tools. It might seem silly. But I don't have things like.... a loop turner. Or more bobbins! I have two bobbins. Silly, right?

Really, I think almost any gift that includes something that supports my sewing obsession would be delightful. Anything that says.... "Sure honey, go ahead and sew the day away." That'd be all right with me.

What would you love to get under the Christmas tree for your sewing habit?


  1. i've been thinking the same thing...thinking about asking for the accuquilt go baby, but think it might not be worth it, and that it might waste fabric ...wondering how i can ask for a fabric store gift card without sounding tacky...

  2. Oooh, all good choices there! I'm hoping for a sewing machine repayment from my mum and dad, and an Ellison Big Shot from my grandmothers

  3. Such lovely choices. I can't help but be tempted by all the sewing goodies I want. My amazon wishlist is full of stuff but we are skint this year so I don't think I will be getting anything haha. At least it is my birthday in January and I am 21 so I must demand something sewing related of someone!


  4. I thought I was bad because I only have 4 bobbins. Two really IS bad :) The macaron is totally my favorite of hers too, but I'm also afraid. And of course I really want that Echo!!