Sunday, October 23, 2011

Matador costume hits the Halloween party circuit

We went to a big old party for kids with congenital heart defects on Saturday. It was quite the shebang.

That was just the dessert and decor. There was also a lunch buffet, a DJ and dance floor and a spooky trick-or-treat trail.

It was such a nice party, and totally free, put on by Hearts of Hope Michigan for its members. And of course, it meant our first run-through in the Halloween costume. Introducing, el Matador Luke!

Witness: the ribbon ripping out of his cape within the first hour of the party. I guess it's back to the sewing table with that one!

The costume came from a book called Cute and Easy Halloween Costumes for Kids. I snagged it from Border's going-out-of-business sale for $11. It was magic: I pulled it off the shelf and flipped it open and landed on the matador page. We'd been planning on having Luke be a matador since the spring -- and there was a blueprint for me! Magic!

Most of the work went into this little bedazzled vest. I had some major issues with it, mostly due to rushing. I didn't take my time measuring and cutting correctly. That's always a really stupid thing to do. When I started to put the vest together, it was too short and funky, things weren't lining up. I added length to it, and that's why the rick-rack doesn't go all the way to the bottom.

But it works, right? I had to add "Ole" to the back, just for fun.

A felt hat and tie -- super easy -- were the only other pieces I made. Well, and the satin cape. The black leggings and pink socks came from a Mom2Mom sale. Did you know matadors wear pink socks? They do! I'm sure everyone looks at his costumes and wonders why our little boy is wearing pink socks, but you have to be authentic as possible about these things.

This little guy? I'm not done with his costume. He'll be the bull, eventually. This weekend, he was a hot-dog. A hand-me-down from Luke.

I really want to eat this hotdog right up.

I guess I'll still make his bull costume. Because it'll make more sense when it's a matador and a bull, rather than a matador and his friend, the hotdog. Right?


  1. This is a 2 part comment ...

    1) I LOVE the scarflet!! Totally adorable!

    2) You took some rockin' pics of the sweets table. That was quite impressive and you captured it perfectly. How has Jimmy been loving the Lemonheads? ;)

  2. Hee hee, love the 'Ole' on the back of his waistcoat, but yes, think you need to take that bull by the horns and get that other costume done, the hotdog and the matador is not a tale I've heard often. Of course if you were really creative, you could just make up a story faster than the costume ;o)

  3. Your boys are super cute! Sorry I missed seeing them live. Looks like the party was great.

  4. your matador is AWESOME! What a unique and cute costume.