Saturday, October 15, 2011

Feeding my obsession

I'm procrastinating from working on Halloween costumes. I made a good jump on Luke's this morning, and I should work on it tonight. He'll be wearing it a week from now to a party. Eek!! But, ug. I'm distracting myself instead. Where else? Pinterest!
Can I follow you? I want to add some new boards to my latest obsession. It's really been such a source of inspiration. I need more. Drop me a comment with your username, and I'll check out your board and see if we've got similar tastes.

Just for fun, in your comment, I'd love if you'd tell me one project on your boards that you're planning to make soon or one you've made recently.


  1. You can follow me on Pinterest here:

    It's not really a project but I made Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies from a recipe I found on pinterest, I posted on my blog about them, they were amazing.


  2. You can check out my boards ( if you would like. :) My favorite thing that I have made recently on my boards is actually a recipe....the pumpkin crunch cake in my recipe board.

    What is your pinterest?

  3. Umm, okay, I have no problem with you following, just thinking of the fabbest tutorial I have on there, hang on a tick...

    I'm at

    I've completely taken this and done my own thing recently, but it was a great jumping off point (and I'm sure normal people can follow the tutorial perfectly well ;o) )

    These were really fun too:

    And I swear by this zipper method:

    This is intended to be my gran's Chrissie pressie:

    And this is going to be my granny's:

    Err, I really need to get out more!

  4. Yes!!! My username is Emmyloulily

    I'm currently working on this ridiculous sheep costume for my daughter :D


    I am planning on copying this quilt soon:

    changing the sashing color only. Whenever I have the energy to do so that is!

  6. Thanks for all these great boards! I'm in Pinterest heaven! I should have mentioned this, but my username is KristaJ if anyone wants to follow me. :)