Sunday, August 14, 2011

Spending money I don't have at DIYpsi -- and a giveaway!

My Marigold


I spent part of my Saturday afternoon in Ypsilanti supporting the local handmade community at the DIYpsi indie craft show. I just love these craft shows. There's always something on almost every table that I want to take home. I walk in with the best intentions to buy just one thing, and gah, I walk out with a bunch of cute, locally made items that I apparently can not live without. It happens every time. Maybe it's time to call it what it is -- an addiction.

Let's see what caught my fancy this time.

I loved everything on the Aisle 3 table. It was all upcycled goodies made from vintage buttons, curtains, neckties, linens, etc. The artist was very sweet, and is from my almost-home-town, Flint. And I just learned on her blog that her son's name is Milo, which was my favorite name -- alas, not my husband's -- this last pregnancy. JEALOUS!
I guess we have similar taste, because I wound up buying this cute guy....

And when I selected it, she picked up her own identical pouch. It's the one she carries herself.  I feel extra cool now. The pouch is simple in design, but I love the vintage-ness of it and the cheeky animal-cut-into-portions print. The lining is lovely, too. It has a nice sheen. I think I'll use the pouch to carry my essential makeup, since I usually put it on in the car. I'm sick of carting my big travel carrying case around! This size is perfect for my lip-gloss, eye concealer, tweezers and mascara.

I also like her cute tag:

It's the little things, right?

What else?

Etsy shop:

Also loved all of this jewelry. The artist, Courtney, was so sweet and we figured out we live like less than a mile away from one another. She does "vintage inspired jewelry with a natural element." I could see myself wearing almost any of these. What did I pick?

These dangly earrings! Love them. Have worn them twice already.


I was also quite delighted by these magnet sets.I wound up buying an ABC's in sign language set.

These are cool, don't you think? Now I just need to brush up on my sign langeuge skills, so I can use em correctly. 

I brought many cards home with me. If you're looking for something unique, creative and handmade, here are a few other Michigan-based people to check out.

So, to celebrate my recent milestone of hitting 100 followers, I did a little shopping at the DIY fair for one of you. Tough decisions. I hope you like what I nabbed.

A fun vintage sewing-pattern coaster AND another one of those cute pouches by Aisle 3! (Yup, I bought two, one for me, one for you.) One winner will get both of these prizes. Here's the rules:

-- Leave a comment on this post before noon on Friday, Aug. 19. Tell me what item you saw in this post that you think you'd have wanted to buy.
-- I will use to select one winner. Must be a US shipping address -- sorry!
-- Make sure your address is linked with your account, or leave it in the comment.
-- If you're a follower, you get an extra entry. Just leave a comment telling me how you follow and if you're a new follower. Thanks!


  1. I would have bought the state needle point or the earrings. LOVE them both!

  2. I am an old GFC follower. You always have such cute, fun stuff. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. I love the cool lights... What a fun day of shopping and spending!

  4. I like the doily looking earrings! This looks like such a fun event - I am sure I would have spent too much :)

  5. I love the magnets, you can never have too many fun magnets

  6. I love the magnets and lamp. :)

  7. Found you via Aisle 3...would have had to buy that set of ASL magnets---I teach sign language to my second graders every year and could see a great learning center focusing on them!

  8. I like the dangly earrings... they're so dang fun! :)

  9. oh, and I follow you through google reader.

  10. Thanks for all the sweet compliments and happy 100 followers! I can't wait to see who wins!

  11. I need to wear earrings more often... and the ones you bought look like snowflakes, cute! And I would also love to win because I really wanted to make it to DIYpsi but I didn't because of family stuff... :(

  12. I am totally in love with BootsNGus' lamps and I would love to have bought one of those. Also, I am a new follower via GFC. :) Thanks for hosting this giveaway!