Friday, August 12, 2011

100 followers, and the Detroit Zoo!

First off, I hit 100 followers this week. I realize that this is a very small milestone in the grand scheme of the blogging world. But I'm kinda floored. Thank you guys! I am going to round up something for a giveaway over the weekend. Probably something handmade by me.

Secondly, a small diversion from sewing. My friend Michelle and I hit the Detroit Zoo this week. The weather here has been fan-flipping-tastic this week. And the Zoo is like five minutes away from my house, and we have a membership. So it was really a must-do this week. It's a truly fabulous zoo. These photos are just a small portion of it.

 Isn't she pretty? (Or he? I don't know.)

 This wild horse was using the tree to scratch his back. Clever, eh?

 One of my favorite parts of the zoo is the prairie dog exhibit. These guys are so cute, the way they pop up and stand so tall. And there is a cool feature where you can go below the exhibit and stand in a glass bubble, so your head is right at ground level with the dogs.

There's also a kangaroo exhibit you walk through. The kangaroos weren't jumping around when we walked through. They were mostly chilling like this one above.

 Aren't zebras beautiful? I took many, many photos of the zebras.

Especially this little baby zebra. Awwww!

The peacock had a brood of baby's, too. It was so sweet how they all walked right under her. And smart -- there were actually hawks circling above!

Luke, wearing his Oliver and S bucket hat, with a couple of zebra friends.

And lastly.... rhino booty. Is there anything prettier?


  1. I LOVE the Detroit Zoo! My family went this week too. Looks like you took the same path that they did. Congrats on 100 followers!

  2. Congrats on your 100 followers! To someone with 32 followers, 100 is a BIG milestone. :) I hope you are getting back into the swing of things with work.

  3. 100 followers is fantastic - well done
    Amanda xox

  4. Next goal 1,000 followers! ;o) Luke looks so cute in the pic. Miss him! and you and J.J! But I will be seeing you soon. Still in the Seoul airport on my 6 hour layover! ;o)