Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Robed and ready to go

We're leaving soon for a beach vacation here in Michigan. I cannot wait. It's with four other families. We're shacking up in one house, eight adults and nine children. Yes, we are out-numbered. But I think we will be OK. Our plans are to sit at the beach -- it's right at our house! -- and play and swim and sit. And then do it all some more.

Of course, just days before we were set to leave, I saw the latest Made creation -- a beach robe for little ones. The cuteness was burned into my brain, and I had to have one for Luke.

And so....

A modeling session with a near 3-year-old is basically your subject running in a circle gleefully. With his hands up in the ready-to-pump position. Hilarious, I say!

The striped towel came from Target, and the fabric is Robert Kaufman Urban Zoology. Love this project and wish I had time to make one for all the kids coming on the trip. Wouldn't it be the cutest to see them all lined up in their hooded towel robes? Why am I not superwoman?!

Anyway, we are so ready. Robed and ready, like Hefner! Bring it, Michigan!

Oh and can I say? Dana from Made is the sweetest. I emailed her with a pretty stupid question on Sunday. She emailed me back like within the hour. And then got the jokes I made in return.  I'm so glad I bought her pattern. It always feels good to support someone you really like, ya know? And for anyone interested in the pattern, it was perfect.

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  1. Adorable, Krista. I love the towel you used, and the whales look perfect with the green and white stripes. Glad to hear that the pattern is so fantastic because I've been thinking about it, too :)