Friday, May 20, 2011

Things I dig Friday: Thunder thighs and sewing inspiration

I promise there will be sewing related links coming in this edition of Things I Dig Friday. But first a few things I dig here on the home-front. And one anti-dig.

I snapped these photos of J.J's baby legs just kick kick kicking. Don't you just want to bite them?

We took the boys to the zoo on Thursday morning and had a fabulous time. I dressed them in their matching "Big Bro," "Little Bro" shirts, all excited to get some great pictures of them with ferocious animals in the background. And then left my camera in the car. Bummer! So I had to have a little photo shoot with them when we got home. Getting a good picture of both boys is so so difficult. One of them is always moving. Luke makes funny faces and puts his hands in front of his eyes. Jack slumps and gets very wide-eyed, like he is totally alarmed. But I did manage to get a few decent shots and wanted to share them. I am having so many days right now where all day long I think, Today is a very good day. This truly is the happiest time of my life. I know this blog is about sewing, and that has a lot to do with my current contentedness. But those too little firecrackers do, too. And so I just have to include some photos of them. It makes me even more happy to share. :)

And now, onto this:

This is my anti-dig. Luke got five stitches in the bottom of his foot on Tuesday. Quite the drama. He stepped on a piece of broken plate that had traveled from our kitchen down our basement stairs without us noticing. Seriously, the boy has had open-heart surgery, and I'm pretty sure these stitches will be remembered as far more traumatic for him! He was a screaming, thrashing, moaning, sweating mess. It broke my heart. And now he is hobbling around on his tip-toes. Ouch. Don't you feel bad for my little guy?

OK, so that's my life this week. And here is what I have been digging out in blog-land.

Seriously obsessed is how I would describe myself. I stumbled onto the blog The Sew Weekly a few weeks ago. It is fantastic. Mena has challenged herself to sew all of her own clothes. She recently made eight dresses in seven days. And they are all to-die-for cute. They're amazing. Go check out her blog and see all of her creations and tell me you aren't inspired to try to make a dress yourself.

Over on the blog Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky! there has been a great series of posts about making skirts and dresses with tutorials galore. It's all part of something called The Summer of No Pants, in which participants sew four skirts or dress through the four weeks beginning Monday. I am about 99% sure I'm taking part! (The other 1% is the commitment-phobe part of me.) Scroll through the posts and I'm sure you'll find something you want to make. She also has discount codes listed for buying patterns and fabric. Isn't this fun?

I just found this blog called Wild Olive and have been learning quite a bit about embroidery. She's doing a series right now called Embroidery 101, and it is really helpful for someone like me who knows NOTHING about embroidery. I was inspired to learn after Prudent Baby announced an embroidery contest. It's really not about the contest, but that sparked me to think about what I would want to enter. And that led me to an idea I really want to turn into reality. And soon. So I'm trying to learn as much as I can, and this blog is helping big time!

How cute is this dress? I found this blog called Sew Sweetness through The Summer of No Pants. I am now hooked. I love finding blogs that are exactly what I want to read. This fits the bill for me. She reviews patterns and makes adorable stuff. I'm pretty reading her site was the final straw to convince me that I should attempt to sew myself a dress. Yup, I think it's coming.

That's it for this Things I Dig Friday! Looking forward to a weekend that is scheduled to include sunshine, warm temperatures, a night out with the girls, flower planting, a visit from my parents, my husband's first softball games and a cookout. Hopefully, I can sneak a little sewing in there, too. What's on your schedule for this weekend?


  1. Poor boy....makes me cringe just looking at his poor foot :(

  2. So happy to read you are finding all of the days good and happy. That is how it should be!!!

  3. Hey thanks for the shout-out! I love the stuff on your blog, I was thinking about making that Macaron dress too!