Monday, May 23, 2011

SONP week one!

I mentioned this on Friday, but I want to devote an entire blog post to it. I've decided to take part in the blog event The Summer of No Pants, hosted by Hideous, Dreadful, Stinky. The idea is to sew yourself four skirts or dresses over the next four weeks, and then to wear them (along with other skirts) all summer long. I love this idea for a few reasons. It's fun to have a community of people all working toward the same goal, and that is what this provides. There is a Flickr pool where you can share your photos of your completed projects and see everyone else's -- as well as get advice and converse with other people taking part. Secondly, I've never liked myself in shorts. I feel like skirts just flatter me more. And finally, it's always good for me to have stated deadlines to kick my motivation up a notch.

I've already mapped out what I'll be creating in the next month. Want to see?

First up, I'll be making this skirt from the blog My Growing Home. It's a J-Crew knock-off with elastic in the front and back, but smooth sides. Slimming, right? And it has pockets! I saw this last week and bookmarked it. Then over the weekend, I went to the Guildcrafter's fabric store in Berkley. And lo and behold, they carry this fabric! (And the entire Sherbert Pips line by Aneela Hoey.) Maybe I an uber lame, but I snatched up the same material without the pink. So when I say I will be making this skirt, I mean, seriously, I will be making this skirt! 

Remember my first skirt attempt? It's the Simple Skirt from the blog Made. It really is simple. And so I will be making at least one more of these as well. I might go ultra plain, too. And make one that is just a simple green. Maybe because I am having a hard time finding things that match my vintage-sheet skirt! Those colors are so outdated, it's really hard to find something that coordinates. But I might use a sheet once again. I have a really nicely hued green sheet that is really soft and I think would drape well. We shall see.

This dress from my Salvation Army trip cost $3. It's also a shade of green I really like. But it needs help. For one weekly project, I'm going to refashion this dress. Add a belt for sure. Perhaps shorten the sleeves or remove them altogether. Add some interest to the neckline? I'm not 100% sure, but I'm excited to turn this into a comfy summer dress that I can dress up or down.

And last... get this.... am I crazy? Maybe.

I love the retro look of this dress. It's the Macaron pattern by Colette Patterns. I imagine it is not super simple. I've read in various places that you should be an intermediate or above sewer to attempt. Is that me? I don't know. It might take me all week long to make this. But I think I'm going to try. Am I insane or no?

That's the plan, for now. Things could change. I could wimp out on the Macaron. I could make 15 Simple Skirts instead of anything else. I might switch gears and try the Maybe Matilda dress I love. Or maybe I'd do the Jamie dress by Sis Boom (as seen here.) That one is supposed to be fairly easy.

I'm also planning on hitting the thrift stores a few more times to add more skirts. I bought three on my last trip -- a dark jean skirt (a wardrobe staple I didn't have), a very comfy grey-blue flouncy skirt with pockets (that cost me $1), and a khaki skirt I am worried is a little too 1998. We'll see if I actually wear it.

Are you taking part in the SONP? If so, please drop a link to your blog in my comments! I would love to come and visit you and see what your own plans are. Everyone else, tell me, how often to you wear skirts? Do you find them practical for your life (especially if you're a mom of little ones, like me!)?

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