Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My little roller and a teaser for tomorrow

What's that? You want me to roll over? What am I, a dog?

Are you crazy?!

Oh, really, you're serious? 

Don't you think it might hurt? When I flop onto my other side? I'm worried. Worried I say!

I'm clutching the blanket for dear life!

OK, Mama. Just for you. I'm trying. You see? I'm getting my big head going. Leaning... leaning...

Are you sure it won't hurt? OK, leaning some more...

Geez, am I done yet? This rolling over business is scary!

I'm trying, really, I am! Leaning, leaning. This is tiring... What do I get out of this again?

There! I did it! (And you didn't even get the money shot of me mid-air, did you??)

You're right, little guy. I didn't. 

Want to try again?

PS: I have so many sewing projects on my to-do list (including getting up a tutorial for the Quilted Ruffle Sun Glass Case and making my first skirt for the SONP), it is a tiny bit insane. I'm just filled with inspiration right now! It's a great feeling, honestly. But this little guy above, and his never-stop-moving big brother, are making it a little tough for me to get anything actually accomplished. But hopefully I'll get something done before the weekend, when Memorial Day festivities take over. 

One thing I can promise. Come back tomorrow because I'm going to have my first in a series called The Sewing Circle! What is The Sewing Circle? They will be Q and A interviews with some of my absolute favorite bloggers who sew. I am really excited. And our first guest is one of my sewing heroes -- Anna from Noodlehead! I'm so honored she took part because I've been stalking her reading her blog and loving her handmade goodies for more than a year now. So please, come back tomorrow to learn more about Anna in our interview.

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