Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Quilted ruffle sun glass case


My friend Aimee turned the ripe old age of 26 last week. I knew I wanted to make her something, because she loves handmade items and often gifts them herself. I settled on a sun glass case because, hey, what girl doesn't need a cute sun glass case in her life? 

I wish, though, that I would have made one first for myself to iron out some kinks in my plan. It turned out pretty well, but I know it could have been better had I made her one after a trial run. I ran out of time though, so Aimee, I know it wasn't perfect but I hope you like it! 

I actually paid about $35 for a pair of sunglasses this year. I usually don't go over $10 because typically they never last me the summer. I leave them somewhere or sit on them and then I'm back at the drugstore buying another cheap pair. I thought maybe if I spend a little more I'll be more careful? We'll see.

So since I had some many issues with the construction, I wasn't planning on a full tutorial. I mean, I took pictures along the way and I could write up a tutorial. But in full disclosure, I'd have to say things like... "Now chop off the entire top of your case since you made it way too big, and then rebind the entire thing..."  And... "Realize at the last moment that you really should have added a closure a few steps back. Whip out the glue gun and glue the snap right on!"

But I could use a case for myself, to protect my new pink investment. If I make one, hopefully I could do it right from the beginning this time. If I do, would you like the tute for it? Let me know!

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  1. I would love a tut on how you made it. I think it was very cute. Things always go better after a trial run!

    Kadie @ Seven Alive

  2. Ruffles make anything cuter :) Great idea!

  3. I love my sunglass case!!! It is super cute and for the record I didn't notice any kinks :)

    Thanks again Krista!!

  4. really cute! I really should make myself a case, but who knows when I'll get to it! :)

  5. My sunglasses are begging for a cute case!! Please share a tutorial!

    Thanks for linking @'Sew Cute Tuesday'!

  6. This is so cute! I can't wait to make one myself...thanks for sharing and am hoping for a tutorial! :)

    I would LOVE if you would link up your project to our {{What I Made Wednesday}} Linky Party! We're also hosting a giveaway, so don't forget to sign up! :)

    I'm also your newest follower. We would LOVE a follow back if you love our blog too!

    Briana @ Sweet Peas & Bumblebees

  7. Very nice idea! :)