Friday, April 15, 2011

Things I dig: Trampolines and more

Before we get to the links, can I tell you? Taking a toddler to a trampoline gym. FUN. That's what we did on our family morning this week. We hit up toddler jump time at a place in Warren called All World Gym-Flip City. It's a gymnastics gym with a tot time for little kids each weekday morning. It was nearly empty. It was only $5. And so. much. fun!

I never knew how fun a giant pit of foam blocks could be. Also, I am not positive that the adults were supposed to be playing on the trampolines as much as we were. But hey, no one stopped us!

Loving having this family time together on Thursday mornings. It's so nice to go do things when they are mostly empty!

OK, onto my round up of links I just had to save and share with you this week. No real theme this week. Just a lot of wonderfulness!

Starting with this. It's a handmade birthday wreath. Check this out, from the blog Silly Pearl.

How freaking cute is that? And get this... she MADE all those noisemakers! Made them! I would so not have the patience.


I love this simple to make fabric bunting from the blog Three Pixie Lane. It's so sweet. And I really, really want to sit on that bench. Don't you?


How smart! I am thinking of doing a gallery wall in our dining room. Or perhaps the stairway. But I've been slow to move because it seems daunting. How to get all the pictures right? I've seen gallery walls that look amazing. And some that look very hodge podge. I want amazing. Well, this would probably help get you there! Stephanie from Stephanie at Home shows how to use Power Point to build a mock gallery wall. Love this idea!

A few more....

Love this scrappy sun-glass case made by Pink Stitches.

Cute spring printables from the blog Flamingo Toes. I hate peeps but they sure are cute!

And to wrap it up....

Resse's Eggs. Are delicious. We all know that. Which is why I had to save this recipe shared by All Things Fabulous for making your own Reese-style chocolate eggs at home. All that deliciousness with no weird packaged food stuff? Yes, please.

One last thing: If you're in Metro Detroit and you like handmade stuff, you'll want to check out the Craft Revival in Ferndale this weekend! I went last year and it was a cute little mini-indie craft fair. Lots of good stuff. The Web site says they have a craft for kids who visit. Might try that out! It's noon to 6 p.m. at the Loving Touch. I'll be there after we do the obligatory Easter Egg hunt in the morning!

What links are you loving this week? Have you ever gone trampoline bouncing with your kids? What are you up to this weekend? Please share in the comments!

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  1. Reese's Eggs are the best evah! Thinking making em for real ain't happening in my life, so I'll have to settle for processed food product ;)

  2. Understandable! If I whip some up, I will definitely bring a plate over. You deserve some, that's for sure!!

  3. Hi Krista! Thank you for leaving me such a sweet comment ;) I hope you'll stop by again soon! Have a great weekend!

    Michelle ;)

  4. I hate peeps too, but that print is adorable! I haven't been in one of those foam pits since I was a kid but it looks like a super fun way to spend a morning and cheap too! Thanks so much for linking to my post! Good luck with your gallery wall!

  5. Yes, fun + cheap = my kinda morning. I had never been in one of those pits before. My life is now so much more complete! Thanks to you for the post about the gallery wall. I'll get to that project soon!