Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday, I heart you!

Blooming flowers. Temperature? I don:t know, 78? Sun. Breeze. No humidity. 

Three mile run. With no walking! Yay me!

New springy nail polish. 

Some porch sittin'.

 Buds on the trees! Come on, leaves!

Time to throw rocks...

and pick up who knows what else.

Open windows! And did I mention the breeze?

The first day of yard work. 

Or just standing around in the yard. 

First time lounging sans pants.

First chance to find weird stuff in the grass and pretend that it is a toy.

First chance to grill!

 And eat a summery salad!

First semi-bike ride ever. He made it about six house and wouldn't pedal. 

First chance to scope out the graffiti that sprouted up over the winter. You think Banksy or no?

First family park trip of the year. 

Thanks Sunday. You were really beautiful. I needed you.

Love, Krista

So, was your Sunday a good one? I hope so! 

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