Monday, April 20, 2015

Can I ask you a question?

Or two?

Or 10?

I'd like to start a series of interviews with craft, DIY, handmade bloggers. Yes, you!

Why should you be into this?

Well, I can't promise you anything. I am a new blogger. My audience isn't exactly army-sized.

Honestly, I am interested in interviewing those who would like to do it just for the fun of it. For the joy of sharing what inspires you. For the pleasure of telling your stories.

These interviews would not be a place to pimp your latest giveaway, your sponsors, your link party or the sale in your Etsy shop. I'm not interested in providing a forum for advertising, you see? I want to know more about you and what inspires you. That is all! 

It would help if I find your blog, crafts, stories, and you, inspiring. Sorry, that's the truth!

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