Sunday, April 1, 2012

A year of blogging link love

My blog turned one last month. Happy birthday, blog! It's the first time in my life I've kept a blog going for this long. To honor the occasion -- which let's face it, I've actually already missed -- I wanted to introduce you to a number of others blog that started in the last year, all of them by real-life friends of mine. They're all unique and worthy of your click over to see what they have going on.

My friend Kim moved to Nanjing, China last September for her husband's career. She's dealt with that cross-the-world move with a grace and positivity I never, ever would have mustered. Her blog is all about daily life in China, where fruit is super cheap, where she has a driver to drive her everywhere, and where doing a load of wash takes all day. Her blog is called Kim Kim's Far East Adventures.

My friend Heather is a bad-ass prosecutor by day, a crafting, cooking, workout-loving Mom of two all the other hours of the day. She's brand new to blogging, writing about those three aspects of her life. She's shared a very effective workout system that you should seriously try, as well as recipes and a few craft projects. Check her out at Craft, Cook or Cardio.

Julie was one of my college roommates, and she recently moved to Oklahoma City. She's found tasty craft beer is not exactly free flowing and easy to find down there. So she and her husband Mark have started to brew their own. She blogs about her adventures in doing so, and she's a by-day journalist with a fantastic writing voice. Her blog is BeerOK.

Finally, Alex is a co-worker of mine. I love working with her because she's talented, smart, creative but tons of fun, too. She loves to bake and decorate cupcakes, and so she just started a blog about her kitchen creations called Motor City Cupcakes. Again, her writing voice really shines and her cupcakes are oh-so-cute.

My friends have all been out there with their blogs from the start, sharing links on Facebook, or letting their friends know to come and check it out. I on the other hand have been slow to share my own blog with the people in my real life, because, well, no good reason. My insecurities, I suppose. What if they think it sucks? What if they think I am a huge sewing nerd? And then I wonder about how it looks professionally. All stupid reasons. I like sharing my life and my sewing nerdiness with the internet. I'm going to stop acting like it is some weird secret hobby now. Mkay? Mkay. Thanks friends for showing me there's no reason to hide a good thing!

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  1. Congrats on one year, Krista! Funny you should mention that you've been slow to share your blog with the people in your real life... me too! I'm afraid that people who don't sew or read creative blogs will think that what I do is an enormous waste of time. Does that make sense? I need to get over it and just tell people, but now I'm worried because I've been doing this for well over a year and a half and what will they think about the fact that I haven't told them after all this time?