Wednesday, February 1, 2012


 I've been thinking about taking a bit of a blogging and sewing break. A short hiatus. How short, I'm not sure.

My sewing nook got disassembled a bit for JJ's birthday party. It's all there behind that curtain.

Not too be all deep, but I feel like packing it up and putting it all behind a curtain is what I need at the moment. A refresher, a step away.

Part of it is because: My work schedule is changing for the month of February. I'm adding a fourth day, and I'm switching form afternoon/evenings to very early mornings. Like, I'll have to get up at least two hours earlier than I'm used to. It's going to be a big switch for our family, as my husband will now have the kids alone all morning and then will work all afternoon/evening, and I'll be doing the opposite. For those four days of the week, we really won't see one another or have any time together as a family. I know I'm going to be extra tired and stressed, and I don't want to put too much on my plate and stress about completing sewing project or blogging. This is a fun, inspirational outlet for me, and I don't want to give it up, at all. I just want the pressure off. I want to only go sit and create or sit and write because I feel inspired. And if/when that happens, I will indeed update here!

I've debated whether to post about this at all. I'm so grateful for the little outlet I've built here, and I don't want to shoot myself in the foot. But I'm trying to be honest with myself (and you) and do what's best for everyone here. I hope you understand!

So my posting might be a bit sporadic -- or non-existant -- this month. I hope you'll bear with me and keep checking back, because as soon as things calm down, or my sewing mo-jo returns, I'll be back. Maybe in a week, I don't know. Maybe sooner. Maybe later.

Until then.... happy sewing!


  1. Hey, take whatever time you need, we're not going anywhere :o)

  2. Completely understandable, Krista. Hang in there this month :)

  3. Life happens Krista, take all the time you need-we'll still be here when you need a place to announce, vent, share happiness & create.