Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bedroom redecorating planning begins!

Happy weekend, everyone!

We were sick yesterday. JJ and I. He threw up every meal, including one all over me. Lovely! And I left my workout class mid-way through it because I felt nauseous, and then spent the rest of the day laying around in bed or on the couch. I hate wasting a Satruday like that. (How come the 24-hour flu always has to fit on a day off, amIright?)

One thing on my to-do list: get my bedroom in order so I can take photos of it and send them to our painter. I'm fairly certain we will be redecorating the bedroom next month, and we're getting ready now. I've been furiously pinning fabrics I like for curtains, paint colors, inspiring bedroom photos, cute bedding options, etc. But it's getting close to decision-making time. I thought I'd share a few of the things I am weighing and I'd love to hear your feedback. Oh and I'll upload some "before" pictures of the room this week, so you can see what we're working with.

We have two closets that are door-less and use a curtain to hide all the stuff shoved within them. I'm approaching the whole redecorating process by trying to start with an inspiring fabric for new closet curtains, which I'll make. I figure I'll find that fabric and then base my paint and even flooring on it, as well as new accessories. So finding just the right fabric is No. 1 on the priority list! Here are some of the favorites I've collected so far.

We have dark wood trim in the room that I'm a little confused about. Paint it white? Leave it? I'm not sure. But I do think this fabric would pick up the richness of it well. We want to have three colors on the walls -- a neautral, a pop of color on one accent wall, and potentially a light-color on the ceiling.

Sherwin-Williams has a great tool called "Chip It!" that allows you to put a picture into it and find a bunch of matching paint colors. Amazing, right? So you can see some of the paint options for each fabric.

 I am leaning toward a blue-green-yellow color scheme. I love decorating with blue and figure, eh, why not, even if I already have two other blue rooms in my house. That's the kind of thing that ties a house together, right? This is an Anna Maria Horner print, and I'm really loving all of her fabrics right now. They're so playful and bright.

 Here are some paint options for that one!

 The third option I'm looking at. I really love the richness of this print. I think with a white wall it would really pop. And I could see a really dark accent wall playing nicely with this.

What do you like of these options? I'd love to hear! And I'll post some "before" bedroom pictures hopefully in the next couple of days.

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  1. Great options, but I think I'd go for #3, it seems so sophisticated and grown up (plus I love blue ;o) )