Thursday, January 12, 2012

Swimming in wonderful new things

I've been a lucky girl this week when it comes to getting awesomeness in my mailbox or on my doorstep.

First, this.

These four books came as a Christmas present from my friend Kim. Is she way too generous or what? I could not believe it! So many projects to contemplate, my head is about to explode. Do you have any of these books? Where should I begin?! (And I should say, I do have the One Yard Wonders book already. Contemplating exchanging it, maybe for the new One Yard Wonders book, or hosting a giveaway with it. Decisions, decisions.... :) )

Then this came yesterday.

New fabric! Some solid fat quarters, because I never have enough solids in my stash, and two yard-cuts of fabric from Amy Butler's Lark collection in home-dec weight. I have a plan for that! And the top is a fat quarter collection with various fabrics. I have something in mind for those too, and it just might involve a baby girl headed my family's way in the spring. Meaning, I'm going to be an aunt! So excited!

I'm struggling to find/make the time to actually sew right now. But hopefully, all these new goodies will be a nice kick in the pants.

Has the mailman brought you anything this lovely recently?

Happy Thursday all!


  1. I have the One Yard Wonders book too, and I love it....there's a second one?? How exciting!!

  2. Get the second One Yard Wonders book!! I got both for Christmas and am thinking about making something once a month. Let me know if you would be interested as well and we can coordinate posts or make different projects, etc.

  3. Oooh, fab goodies! My postie has been equally generous of late, although with fabric only. I have the original Sew Serendipity book and the One Yard Wonders (which is actually rebranded here as one metre wonders on the cover, and then refers to yards throughout the interior!) but haven't got the other 2. I do have £15 worth of book tokens burning a hole in my pocket though, so I'll need to choose carefully what I blow them on (my usual trick is to take the tokens in and then spend about 3-4 times their worth of my own money on books at the same time ;o) )