Wednesday, January 25, 2012

First birthday party inspiration and ideas

I work a 3-day workweek these days. I go to the office Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Those three days are a whirlwind. My work tunnel. I emerge from that tunnel each Wednesday with many things needing my attention on the home front and in my personal life, and of course, in my sewing nook. I spend the next days digging out, getting things back in order and attempting to rediscover my creativity and balance... And then I do it all again.

And so, here I am, emerging from my tunnel this week with a big deadline headed my way. JJ's first birthday party is Saturday.

Here's what I've actually accomplished: I've been dutifully collecting ideas on Pinterest. And I ordered the cake for the adults. Now it's on to finalizing plans and getting things done! First, I thought I'd show you some of the things I found that I want to try. Don't know that I'll get to all of these, but they're my inspiration for the party, for sure. Wanna see?

 I can't decide what kind of applique shirt to make, or whether to make one at all. This one, with the "O-N-E" spelled out in nice big letters, is cute. I'd love it to say "JJ" somewhere. And another idea we had was to make one that says, "Cake, please!" That's be cute, but maybe too many letters to deal with in applique.

Original source.
 I want to keep the decorations simple. (Ha. Famous last words.) I love the ballons tied onto the highchair here. Sweet. Simple.

Maybe something cute like this for the door. Probably the last priority though.

Original source.
Cute banner with month-by-month photos of the first year, marked with clothespins. This I really want to do. I've been taking his photo each month, and I've printed out a bunch of them to display. So this one should be on the to-do list for sure.

Original source.

I die of cuteness with this one. Definitely doing this. Who comes up with these ideas? Thank you internet for being so awesome!

Original source.
For food, these ham and cheese sliders with poppy-seed sauce looked so mouth-watering, I decided I must try them. They're something you can assemble before the party and then cook once guests arrive. So they'll be nice and warm and won't make my kitchen a big mess. Yay! I will do some turkey and provolone too, for the swiss-haters (i.e.: myself.)

Original source.

Both sets of grandparents are bringing a side-dish to pass. So my only other worry are some nibbles. Pita and hummus, cheese and crackers and I think these cute fruit kabobs. Kid-friendly, you know?

Original source.
As for JJ's smash cake, I want to do something simple. Small chocolate layer cake with a little confetti sounds about right.

Original source.
All I really want.... is this photo opp! Luke didn't really tear into his smash cake. He just gingerly touched its sides and then got weirded-out by the feeling of frosting on his finger tips. He's still a dainty eater, so I guess this was just our first clue. But JJ has a much more, um, voracious appetite. I have high hopes, little one! Please. give mama that messy show she craves!

Oh, and look! The first project is underway!

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  1. Oooh, love those wee banners. We're mean here in the UK, we don't do smash cakes