Sunday, December 18, 2011

What I write about in my new patchwork notebook

I love notebooks. I buy them all the time. Cute notebooks to fill with lists and reminders, quotes I love, prayers, inspirations and in my most well-intentioned moment, actual writing. That rarely happens. But I buy them anyway and proceed to use them very haphazardly and sporadically. They help me be a tiny bit more organized, although that word still doesn't really apply to me. At least not most of the time. But just holding one in my hands makes me feel inspired. So it's worth it.

I bought this black-white-and-yellow cutie at the Detroit Urban Craft Fair earlier this month from a booth called Hip to Piece Squares. I wanted to buy just about everything on her table. She had a snappy purse that I keep thinking about and it's not in her shop. Lesson learned: when you fall in love with something at a craft show, buy it!

I've been busy not really writing in my notebook but carting it around with me everywhere anyway. One day, my husband and I had a lunch date.  (Metro Detroiters: it was at Due Venti in Clawson. You should go! Northern Italian yumminess.) I had my notebook with me. And we made this list:

A little tough to read. But that's the dream list of everything we want to do to our house, you know, if money was no object. Money IS an object though, so haha, this will never happen. Not all of it anyway. But I do think in 2012, a few of these things might get checked off this list. It's a weird time for homeowners right now. We look at houses online (our friends call this real estate porn, and it's so true!) and swoon at how much house you can get now for the money. But would we ever be able to sell our house, purchased in 2006, just before the floor fell out? Not for a profit, that's for sure.

So we're a little stuck, unless we want to lose a bunch of money, which we don't. So I am trying to focus on gratitude for what I have. And I do have gratitude for my home. There is a lot to love about my place. I want to add a few more from this list though. That's OK, I think.

Long ramble! Not really sewing related. Sorry. But this is what's on my mind these days. I'll leave you with one more house-related thought, this one of the sewn variety. Check out the little detail I added to the puppet theatre house, which is still coming, slowly. (My threading problem has been solved, by the way. Thanks for your advice! I put in a new needle, re-threaded and upped my tension a little bit and that worked.) Can you tell what that thing by the doorstep is?

Leave me your guesses in the comment, and tell me, if you could do one thing to your house in 2012, what would it be? Give me either your money-is-no-object answer or your realistic view. Or both!

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  1. Heehee, I do the exact same thing with notebook collecting and sporadic usage of them.

    As for the lists, I have fix the roof (which is a challenge as I live in a block of flats, to the roof is shared ownership, and shared cost, so I have to get money out of everyone) and replace the windows. I'd also like to fix the bathroom extractor fan and repaint the kitchen, bathroom and hall. As you say though, it's all money related, and I'll need to remortgage first. I'm sure I have the equity, but I'm kind of caught between a very low interest rate on the current one, and moving to get more money *sigh*

    Love the wee paper on the puppet theatre doorstep :oD