Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday ramblings and more sew alongs

I'm been so focused here on the Henry Shirt sew along that I feel a backlog of things I want to share. So prepare for a very random post!

I'll at least start on topic. There are a few more sew alongs happening in the next few weeks that I want to take part in. And maybe you do, too!

Over at Noode-head, the lovely Anna is hosting a sew along for Simplicity pattern 2226. It's a basic skirt, with a zipper. I am really excited to give it a whirl. Her sew along series begins Monday!

I've been watching from afar the sew along for the book Little Things to Sew over on A Little Gray. I want to jump into the fray this month! The pick for November is this adorable puppet theatre. I want to make it for Luke for Christmas. This is a month-long sew-along, so it's leisurely. Isn't that theatre adorable?

Finally, Marigold over on Hideous, Dreadful, Stinky is doing a sew along this month for colorful coats or cardigans. No specific pattern. The idea is to sew along together but interpret that theme however you choose. Basically, make something to keep you warn this winter that isn't boring grey or black or brown. You can refashion something, too, which is what I think I might do.

All fun ideas, right? I already have my fabric and pattern for Anna's. I'll show you on Monday!

What else have I been up to?

JJ turned 9 months old on Halloween. This is such a wonderful age. Love him.

We went to the cider mill two weeks ago. Old news, I know. But it is one of my favorite things about the fall. I must share. We went to Yates Cider Mill, which we also hit up when Luke was a baby. I am finding it astonishing that three years have passed between those two photos.

The other big thing happening around here is I'm starting my new work schedule tomorrow. I'll be working Sundays from now on. It will be an adjustment, but there are a lot of pros to my new schedule and my new job. Things are looking up.

Other than that.... I miss my friend Kim.

I thought about doing a whole posts about some of this personal stuff, but it's tough. This is a sewing blog, right? I've read some posts recently about what people hate about other people's blogs, and it makes me second guess myself. I don't like it because the truth is this is my space, my creative outlet, and my virtual scrapbook of my sewing life -- but also the rest of it. I shoudln't second guess myself. If you blog, do you struggle with this? How much do you deviate from whatever the "thing' your blog is about and into your personal life? And if you're just a reader, how much do you want to know about my personal life or other bloggers you follow? Do you get annoyed at personal posts and think, can we just talk about sewing/crafting/whatever? Be honest.


  1. Personally, I enjoy a crafty blog peppered with personal postings -- though, at times, it I do feel a little stalker-ish reading all the way through ;p

    This is one of the plethora of reasons I've not yet begun my own personal entry into the blogosphere - I haven't really decided to what to narrow the topic down ;)

  2. fun fun! can't wait to see all the goodies you'll make. and I like reading about personal stuff too, it's fun to peek into someone else's world for a bit. :)

  3. I usually try to limit the amount of personal information on my blog, but I mean personal stuff like my last name, location, etc. just to avoid creepers. I think it's great to include personal stuff because to me, blogging is not only about sharing your projects, but also meeting people and making bloggy friends! While most people's projects usually have some sort of personal touch, how boring would it be if we all just posted our projects and nothing more? I think it would be boring. I'm not a creepy stalker or anything, but I do like reading little tidbits about peoples lives. That's how you connect with people-- by learning things like your favorite fall activities, holiday traditions, etc. And I firmly believe that it's YOUR blog and you can write about what YOU want!!

    Long story short, I like reading about personal stuff. :)

  4. A. Your kids are so cute.
    B. I'd love to see your version of the theater, it would be awesome.
    C. Just blog what you want. Whenever I start trying to figure out what other people want me to blog, that's when it becomes not fun. And then I think, "Hey, this is dumb because I just want to do this for fun. So it should be fun."
    The end.

  5. Go with your gut and blog whatever you want to blog about.

    I'm on the fence with the puppet theater...should I or shouldn't i?

    BTW-you inspired me to buy the sewing for boys book!