Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I have money to spend!

A month or so ago, I was delighted to sign into flickr one day and see a two-week old message from Pink Chalk Fabric Studio. They liked my Outside Oslo pillow, which I'd uploaded to their photo gallery, and wanted to include it in their newsletter. They wanted my permission. There was one decision I didn't need to think about long -- especially because when you're featured, you get a $20 shop gift certificate to use! Score!

So I have $20 of fabric money burning a hole in my virtual pocket. It's hard enough for me to pick fabric when I'm somewhere like Jo-Anns. Online is so much tougher! The shops are so well stocked with everything cute ever made, ever ever ever. Or so it seems.

I pinned a few of my favorites. Please tell me what you like. (All can be purchased, obviously, at What would you spend $20 on?

My mother-in-law wants a Christmas apron. Here are a few fabrics I could snag for that project.

Dena Designs Kumari Garden Holiday Sanjay
Kate Spain Flurry Snowfall Red Ribbon
Michael Miller Holiday Calico Trees Multi

Or I could hit up the sale fabric. I do love sales. These are all on sale.

Alexander Henry Rivoli Floral Salmon
Not sure what I'd do with that one. Maybe another Go Anywhere bag?
Anna Maria Horner Little Folks Coloring Garden Sea -- Voile
Or this one. Voile is not something I'm familiar with. Maybe sleep shorts?

I am also a tad ga-ga for this new listing.
Dena Designs London Somerset Blue
So, what would you buys?

Of course, I could always be really practical and get something solid. Or a pattern to use again and again.

Help a girl out! What's your favorite?

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  1. Won money should always be play money for you with no implications, so forget the Christmas apron, and the practical re-usable, and go for the stuff you're going gaga for!