Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cheating on my sewing machine

Yes, I have a new love. My new Tamron camera lens. (The long name? It's the Tamron 18-270 mm 1:3.5-6.3)

I could wax on about how this lens has such-and-such amazing technical feature and such-and-such awesome technical term blah-ditty-blah. Look, like I've said, I'm not so smart about my fancy schmancy camera. I have a lot to learn.

But I can say that with just a couple of my first snaps, it was love. This lens is so yummy. So clear. So crisp. So what I need in my life.

Here is just a quick look at what it does. I'll share more later, especially if I ever feel like I have something smart to share. For now, I just want to say it seems great, and even better is the $150 rebate offered through Amazon. I think it runs through July.

One of my first shots, straight out of the camera. It's not amazing or anything, but pretty good without any tinkering or editing or knowing what the hell you're doing. Don't you think?

Look at the zoom. It's cray!  It goes from here.....

 To here! I feel like I am spying on these kids. Stalker!

 Another look at the zoom. From my porch....

Into my backyard.

These were literally the first shots I took after slapping this thing on my camera. Did I say I have a lot to learn? Oh, yes? OK. Well, it's true. But I'm pretty happy already and geeking out on the idea of finally learning how to take great photos with my camera.  It's a lot like I felt when I first got my sewing machine. Like I just want to shut myself away for a few weeks to learn how to use my new toy. We can all dream, right?


  1. I think I almost got that same one recently but I had to talk myself out of it. Have fun with your new lens!

  2. Congrats on a beautiful lens! Have fun learning all about it!